Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Site-Flavored Google Search Box

Ok - I've been playing at Google Labs again.

I've created my own "site-flavored" search box. The results are selected from pages that reflect the profile I created by selecting the topics that reflect the content of my site.

I figured since this is all about me (well, not all about me, but not about anything not relevant to me...), I needed to select the topics based on my personal preferences, not limited to the content that has already made the journey from my mind to the keyboard.

Here's my list of topics: (and my 'logic" for each selection)
  • Business/Industries → Information Technology (that's where I work)

  • Health → Mental Health (because I question mine at times)

  • Home → Cooking AND Home Entertaining (I like to cook, and if I ever get around to cooking, I might invite people over)

  • Recreation → Games → Puzzles (since I do the Sunday crossword puzzle)

  • Recreation → Motorcycles (I have a really cool leather biker jacket that I need an excuse to wear)

  • Regions → N. America - USA → Delaware AND Indiana AND Tennessee (3 of the 5 states in which I've lived - the other 2 didn't make the cut - don't know that I can explain it)

  • Regions → Caribbean (I really enjoyed my vacation last fall)

  • Sports → Basketball (Go Hoosiers)

And the search...

Well, I tried to put it in this post, and can't because Blogger doesn't allow JavaScript. And I didn't realize that until too late into this. I can post it in the footer, if anyone REALLY wants to see the world through Linda-tinted glasses. I will say that a search for "beach" brought up 3 Beach Basketball sites, the Beach Center (for emotional, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities), Indiana Beach, and Rehobeth Beach Delaware within the top 10 results. Although, I was thinking more along the lines of Belize.

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Anonymous said...

So your disability is intellectual? ;)
Glad you're feeling better.