Wednesday, September 08, 2004

It's (sort of) me

Look what I made with the Portrait Illustration Maker. A little clunky, a little Engrish, but a fun tool!


peach said...

well, i went there and created myself and then tried to post myself with my "cheat sheet" of copying and pasting. you know i'm techo challenged and of course, i can't get it to post, so i just emailed the darned thing to you. fun little site, how the heck did you find that?? too bad they didn't have any hats for accessories. btw, you look very nice with your glass of vino.

Linda said...

I have no idea... This is one of those sites I found months ago, saved a draft of a post and forgot about it until yesterday. It's definitely fun, though! I added mine as my AIM buddy icon.