Friday, September 03, 2004

Why I'm glad it's the weekend

Peach and I are going to the Titans/Packers game this evening. If the rain holds off, we'll have a great time. We've already established the "if it's raining..." plan (which I'm sure you realize involves a television and cold beer, both somewhere dry).

I love three-day weekends - especially since the last one fell during my "out for surgery" time, and I definitely didn't enjoy the time off. Add to that the fact that I'm "stuck" house sitting, and will be forced to spend every minute of sunlight (even those minutes between rain storms) poolside, and I think I have no reason to not enjoy this weekend.

Have a safe one!


peach said...

well, i just checked and it looks like sunday is mostly sunny with 0% chance of rain and monday is mostly sunny with 20% chance of rain. hoping i can impose with my newly acquired to-go cup(s)and bikini to enjoy some poolside time since you are "stuck" house i'll even bring my gallon to-go container full of mich light and the makings for your fab find of golden gates. :) and i get to meet pook too. sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day with my best friend.

Linda said...

Sounds like a plan. :)