Friday, July 30, 2004

You think you know someone...

After working with someone for several years, one would think there wouldn't be a lot of surprises. But at Rob's farewell lunch, I was shocked to find out how little I knew of his previous life. From hanging with Boy George, marrying Posh, helping Fergie with the little ones to apparently being cast as the original David Brent... Can't begin to imagine what he has planned for the future.

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Apparently, I don't know everything I thought I did about my OWN life, either... 

Take me out to the ball game (2)

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Went to the Sounds game last night. Funny how I'm 2 for 2 for going on a $1 beer night... We had great seats and a lot of fun - and was entertained by Daisy as she tried to help the cotton candy vendor make a few sales. Thanks Dais!

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The proposed new stadium is slated to keep the tradition of the guitar-shaped scoreboard (just not this one!)

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Daisy in action -- just after her attempt to take out Wes with the cotton candy pole!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Source

I have a feeling this would be really cool to see in action.


Microsoft put Lookout on the Sandbox. I was searching in Outlook earlier today, cursing how S--L--O--W it was... I'm sure it can't get near Gmail's speedy search, but I'll have to give it a try.
MSN has recently acquired the acclaimed Email Search Tool from Lookout Software. Lookout is lightning-fast search for your email, files, and desktop integrated with Microsoft Outlook™.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Monday, July 26, 2004


How bad is it when the Author of Permission Marketing gets his newsletter caught by a spam filter?

Fremont Street Experience

The next time you go to Vegas, make sure you get to the Fremont Street Experience one night.

The atmosphere is a lot like Bourbon Street (without the nudity - sorry guys). They had two different stages with live music and lots of street vendors and the coolest thing, without a doubt, is the 4 block-long canopy and show:

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Vegas Update (2)

Gonna post links and such once I'm home, because it's too difficult to do on the road.

Didn't make it to Fremont last night. Once we got to the Marriott (think spa in the desert on the TPC golf course...), I decided it was best to hang out here.

Won $2oo in half an hour and decided to quit while I was ahead (and even for the trip if you count the cost of changing my ticket, which I do, but Joe doesn't). Hung out at the Irish pub here and called it a day early. Might go visit that machine before we head out to dinner.

Heading downtown as soon as we're all cleaned up and eat something to soak up the alcohol that we consumed at the pool.

At least I finally have a tan. :)

Friday, July 23, 2004

Vegas Update

Haven't hit the jackpot yet - I think I'm a little down, but the little I've paid has definitely been worth the entertainment value.

Had a great dinner last night and spent some time drinking with catching up with Mitch.

Going to the Fremont Street Experience tonight.

Short post, due to the fact that I'm Mac-retarded (which isn't necessarily a bad thing...).

Have to elaborate later.


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sin City

Going to Vegas tomorrow.

First time there.

Looking forward to a LOT of fun.

Got any cash you want me to lose wager?

Looking forward to time off work.

Prospect Mountain

If you're not into fattening up the chipmunk population, you could just enjoy the view:
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Estes Park

While we were in Colorado over the weekend, we visited the town of
Estes Park, where the main attraction is feeding the chipmunks.

These guys are really cute - and most are extremely extroverted. They come running when they realize you were suckered into buying a bag of peanuts (50 cents a scoop), and grab one right out of your hand. Although, I did run across one picky little fellow, who waited patiently as I shelled his peanut and handed him one at a time.

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The concerned look on my face reflects the thought process of "chipmunk bite, ER visit, rabies shot...".

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This guy must have heard someone tapping a peanut on the ground - he's definitely interested in something.

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Kind of cute for a rodent, huh?

Monday, July 19, 2004

Give me a break...

Polite computers win users' hearts and minds

an excerpt:

The trick, according to a researcher who has analysed users' responses to their computers, is to make operating systems and software more "civilised" by saying sorry more often. That way people won't feel they are stupid or at fault, so they become less apprehensive about using computers, and perhaps more productive and creative.
(from Tomalak)

Sunday, July 18, 2004

New Gmail Features

Gmail now allows one to import address book listings - which is awesome. And they've added a signature (which I generally only use professionally) and Safari support, which I could care less about, but I applaud.

New Frontiers

Spent the weekend in Denver, thanks to Frontier Airlines. Had a lot of fun in a little time.

This being my first Frontier experience, I was looking forward to seeing how it compares to Southwest (no contest) and also thrilled to have an affordable non-stop option to Denver.

First off, Frontier has seat assignments (big win). Second, they allow you to pay $5 and watch any of 24 channels of live TV (including Food Network) via DirectTV.

And they serve decent beer.

I'm not impressed with the animals on the planes, but I found out that one of their major ad campaigns centers around the animals talking to each other while sitting at the gate. Still don't think much of it (in fact probably less) - Southwest's cleverly decorated regional planes win out, hands down.

As does their magazine. In fact, I quickly flipped through Frontier's rag and wrote it off (read: no crossword). And when I read in the Sunday paper that it was a new product of their ad agency and was "worth" $8 a month as a high-end coffee table magazine, I was more than a little skeptical.

So, fly Frontier if you can. Row 9 is exit row, for those who want some leg room. And have a Foster's or a Newcastle and pay the $5 for TV, even if only to ensure that the person next to you won't speak to you during the flight.

Friday, July 16, 2004

"Father of the Web" Knighted

What about Al Gore? ;)

See you soon!

Heading to the airport to spend the weekend in Denver with friends.
Unfortunately, I'll be back Monday, but looking forward to the weekend! Posted by Hello

New Blogger Features

When I first went to Blogger to compose that last post, I thought something was wrong. I use a template that includes formatting I frequently use in my posts, and it appeared a little skewed.

Then I noticed a few subtle changes in the interface and realized I was looking at a WYSIWYG editor (apparently the default editor - as soon as I publish this, I'm going to my settings to set my default to HTML - I'm guessing hoping I can).

Here's the announcement.


No way to set your preference, but they're working on it

The Information Architecture of Email

Dan Brown's write-up on Gmail.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Site-Flavored Google Search Box

Ok - I've been playing at Google Labs again.

I've created my own "site-flavored" search box. The results are selected from pages that reflect the profile I created by selecting the topics that reflect the content of my site.

I figured since this is all about me (well, not all about me, but not about anything not relevant to me...), I needed to select the topics based on my personal preferences, not limited to the content that has already made the journey from my mind to the keyboard.

Here's my list of topics: (and my 'logic" for each selection)
  • Business/Industries → Information Technology (that's where I work)

  • Health → Mental Health (because I question mine at times)

  • Home → Cooking AND Home Entertaining (I like to cook, and if I ever get around to cooking, I might invite people over)

  • Recreation → Games → Puzzles (since I do the Sunday crossword puzzle)

  • Recreation → Motorcycles (I have a really cool leather biker jacket that I need an excuse to wear)

  • Regions → N. America - USA → Delaware AND Indiana AND Tennessee (3 of the 5 states in which I've lived - the other 2 didn't make the cut - don't know that I can explain it)

  • Regions → Caribbean (I really enjoyed my vacation last fall)

  • Sports → Basketball (Go Hoosiers)

And the search...

Well, I tried to put it in this post, and can't because Blogger doesn't allow JavaScript. And I didn't realize that until too late into this. I can post it in the footer, if anyone REALLY wants to see the world through Linda-tinted glasses. I will say that a search for "beach" brought up 3 Beach Basketball sites, the Beach Center (for emotional, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities), Indiana Beach, and Rehobeth Beach Delaware within the top 10 results. Although, I was thinking more along the lines of Belize.


The power here at work just went out for a few minutes - if that. I found myself wishing it wouldn't come back, but in the almost 4 years I've been here, there have been multiple times I've spent hours waiting to see if the power would come back or if they would just go ahead and close the office.

And after 30 minutes, no power (read "no AC") can be horrible in Nashville. I have to say, I'm glad to be back at work and comfortable, rather than sitting in the dark, surrounded by sweaty people. :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Not a good day

Within a time frame of 4 hours this evening, I found out that my parents' divorce was "final" and the father of a good friend had died.

I met most of Brian's family on a Caribbean cruise last fall, and quickly adopted his dad (with his mother's blessing) as my "boyfriend". We found out shortly after the cruise was over that his dad was sick, and now he's gone and I just hope he's better off and not suffering and waiting for us all in a better place.

My parents are another story. I found out days before the cruise that the divorce was imminent, and was sworn to secrecy to keep it from my siblings at the same time. So to leave my nightmare and go on a vacation with my friends and newly-found extended family was difficult, to say the least.

But I struggle tonight to accept that, although it's hard to accept he's gone, Brian's family can move on and make the best of things and have an endless stream of happy memories. My family has just begun the struggle, and memories that may have once seemed "happy" are tainted. My mother, who has been incredibly strong since this started, has finally lost it and cannot speak to me or my siblings without breaking down.

And I wonder how selfish it is for me (hence the comments for this post being disabled) to think about how better off we'd be if the man I used to call Dad had just died instead of divorcing us...

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Daisy!

Daisy & Me at her birthday party - hard to believe she's 30, isn't it? ;) Posted by Hello

Monday, July 12, 2004

Tom's Petition

The national Assault Weapons Ban automatically expires at the end of the summer.

Sign the petition to renew it.

Friday, July 09, 2004

End of Week Update (2)

Day 2 back at work and already ready to go home. I should have listened to my doctor and waited until Monday to come back, but we all know I'm too stubborn for that. Besides, just being able to sort through e-mail has helped, and if I cancelled the meetings I've already made people reschedule twice one more time, they might decide to have them without me. And that would mean someone making a decision without my input, and we all know that wouldn't fly (at least with me). ;)

Busy weekend already - Daisy's 30th birthday has finally arrived, and we're going out celebrating Saturday. Don't know how long I'll be able to stay out, but I can't miss this one. Brunch Sunday, followed by an evening at The Bluebird Cafe, for Jeanne's debut. No - not my sister, the OTHER Jeanne in my life... ;)

Sometime in there, I have a couple of bottles of asti that will make some pretty darn good mimosas.

I think I just planned Saturday afternoon. :)