Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Accidental revenge

Unintentional? Yes.

Still sweet? Absolutely.

There is a person who works on the other side of my cube wall who has a few annoying habits. These include, but are not limited to, eating at his desk (and making some pretty disturbing sounds while so doing) and speaking Mandarin on the phone (I mean, come on, how am I supposed to eavesdrop?).

I just realized my blackberry has been lying on my desk set on vibrate all day and has been buzzing away. What a HORRIBLE sound. :)


Mr. Roboto said...

I keep all my change in an empty Altoids box in my desk, and I put my cell phone in there so that, when it vibrates, it's hearable. And hearable it is. I am startled every time it rings.

Linda said...

Well, I'm guessing Emory would despise you as much as he despises me right now.

My change? Got an automated coin counter thingy for Christmas. My change goes right into the rolls to take to the bank now. Thanks Mom.