Monday, January 24, 2005

How's this for proof?

I may have successfully made it through the (work portion) of this God-awful day. After a hectic morning, I had 4 back-to-back meetings after lunch, then realized at 5:00 that I still had to file my weekly status report before heading out. I also had over a dozen emails in my inbox that needed to at least be looked at and prioritized, if not acted upon before I was free to leave.

While skimming through my emails, I found one that had been a conversation between my boss and a project manager in our department, until he added me to a final "reply". One of his responses earlier in the chain of messages read:
Sure... as long as we inflict the pain on Linda.
Better get back to my inbox and take care of the rest of things so I can head out of here and get back early tomorrow. I'm sure it's slated to be the second worst day of the year... What was the formula again?


Just me said...

So was that from the PM or your boss? Have you said anything???

Linda said...

My boss.

And I did ask him about it and his response was, "Well, you know if I ever say anything like that, I'm kidding,"


That's what these are for - :)