Friday, January 28, 2005

It's the Friday diversion

The Heretical Rhyme Generator

Here's the poem I "created" especially for you:
Have a great weekend, my faithful blog readers

I don't like chicken noodle or even beef stew

'cause i have nothin' else ta do

So that you may spew
Have at it!


Just me said...

My poem just for you:

when are you answering your latest questions?

And I with the substance firmly in my grasp

however it will cause a nice contusion

and cast those aspersions to the carpet, you asp!

BBLogan said...

Bangin' my head against the glass ceiling,
so far all that has cracked is my head
Buy more cheese, fill your fish tank
I tease and tease her till she crys
Buy more cheese, fill your fish tank
Of all the eggs I had to fry

Hmmmm...the first two lines are actually from a song I haven't finished yet. Maybe I'll incorporate the rest of the poem into the song...or NOT.