Friday, January 21, 2005

Mailbag Q&A - take 4

I posted this yesterday, but it never showed up...


OK - I'm being harassed because I haven't answered my mailbag questions lately.

Sorry... I didn't think you really cared. As usual, email me any questions (to be answered at my discretion).


Q: How's the learning Spanish thing going?

A: Well, I have mastered my first lesson. That is, until I have a couple of beers and start getting confused. I think I'll go ahead and keep repeating the first one until I know it drunk. Because if my first visit to Mexico was an indication, I will most likely be drinking when attempting to speak Spanish.


Q: Who do you like in the SuperBowl? You putting money down? You watching it at E?

A: That's 3 questions... But here were go. Steelers - and I'll put money only on squares. I have a history of really good luck on SuperBowl Squares. Will I watch it at E? Dunno yet. Things are changing there, and I haven't decided if I need to find a new hangout yet. I'm discussing things with management... I'll keep you posted.


Q: What's with the house/pet sitting? You don't strike me as that type.

A: And that type would be...? It's not like I'm a serial pet-sitter. I watch Pookie for Alan when he travels because it's no big deal. Yeah, my commute is a little longer (Williamson County to the airport area is NOT a fun drive to make on a regular basis), but she's a good cat. For the most part. My adopted dog/child over Christmas was a favor to Peach, as her regular doggie spa was already booked. As I have difficulty keeping my one plant alive and well, I'm not sure why either thought of me. ;)


Q: Where is your upcoming vacation?

A: It's not a vacation to, but a vacation from. I just haven't taken time off work. I'm planning multiple day-spa visits. Lunch with friends I don't get to see often. Maybe a day trip to the casino. Maybe another day trip to visit my very own barrel of Maker's Mark as it ages up there in Kentucky...

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Just me said...

I believe you would stop going to E about as much as I believe you'd bleach your hair blonde and get a boob job...