Friday, January 28, 2005

mmm... suuuuushi. :)

donuts : homer :: sushi : linda

Most everyone who knows me can tell you "Linda doesn't do buffets". Even weddings. Sorry folks. I just have a problem with eating food that has been exposed to other people.

As is usually the case, I have discovered an exception to this rule.

Until a dinner date suggested we go to Ru San's last September, I had been bagging offers to go to the all-you-can-eat sushi lunch for months. I mean, it's sushi - it should be made fresh and within sight as soon as I order it. Right?

Well... in theory.

Then I watched them prepare the sushi for the next day's lunch while I ate dinner at Ru San's. It just looked so good. Maybe it's because Ru Sans sushi is so good, it can handle being prepared 12 hours ahead of time and saran wrapped in the fridge. All I know is I've yet to turn down a lunch there ever since.

Including our "bachelor" lunch today - I mean, what guy wouldn't want one of his last memories of bachelorhood to include all you can eat sushi, techno adaptations of Bon Jovi songs, and 5 fabulous women?


BBLogan said...

Eeeeeyyyyaaaahhh...Sake bomb!

peach said...

well, as you also know, i don't do buffets either. just too gross. so, exactly how is the thing at ru san's done? don't tell me they put the sushi out for people to touch and sneeze on? is it just rolls or sushi too? you know how much i loved going there for my "last supper". haven't had an opportunity to go back, yet.

Linda said...

No - it's a true serve-yourself buffet (with tongs). Rolls and sushi on one side and hot items (calamari/potstickers/noodles/veggies/etc.) on the other.

I know it sounds horribly disgusting (that's why I would never go for months and months), but it's not.

And the disco music doesn't hurt. :)