Wednesday, January 12, 2005

My analysis

So, while in training today, I found this file that I saved while on a flight a while ago.

My Tablet PC has an application that will analyze your handwriting.

My results (and do I need to tell you I think they are pretty accurate?):

You have a neutral attitude about your future. You neither procrastinate nor hurry. You are self-confident and logical, and focus on the present. You enjoy physical and hands-on activities.

Mental Ability
You learn slowly, by repetition. You begin with the most fundamental parts, skip nothing, and do not jump around. You make decisions very carefully.

You keep your innermost thoughts to yourself. However, you enjoy discussions and are receptive to other opinions. You can be deceitful to yourself.

You set ambitious, long-term goals, though sometimes vague. Fortunately, you have strong will power, enthusiasm, endurance, and self-confidence, helping you to achieve those goals.

Self Image
You are confidant and self-assured, and resultantly set ambitious, long-term goals. You are not concerned with the opinions of others.

You are a cautious person who thinks carefully before acting. You keep feelings inside and do not express them openly, in order to protect yourself. However, you can be empathetic and sympathetic, and forgive and forget quickly.

Social Skills
You enjoy having a variety of friends, but sometimes you are frustrated with them. At times you feel isolated.


BBLogan said...

That is amazing.
I want to try it, too!

Linda said...

Sure thing - you can try this weekend.

After karaoke. :)

Just me said...

while while while.

I know you did that on purpose, but I had to tell you I noticed. :-)

Pretty dead on, girl.