Saturday, January 22, 2005


In the 10 years I've lived here, I have often been amused by the sign at 65 and Armory that read, "Nashville School of Law" and "School of Ballet". No more.

I noticed today that the "School of Ballet" has been removed.

So where can Nashvillians go to learn to dance around the law?

On the same outing this afternoon, I was reminded of the annoying street sign at the corner of 23rd and Sterling (just south of Sharondale):

23th Ave South.

That's just wrong. I mean, who made the sign and thought, "Yeah, that looks good?". Good thing I don't live on that street, or drive through more than every few weeks. I just can't believe the people who live there haven't asked to have it fixed.

Then again, I guess there are more important things to worry about. Like tonight's game.

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peach said...

lol...i'm sure the individual that made the sign was a product of our fine public educational system....oh, but wait, so am i. i'm with you, if i lived there they would have to change the sign. i couldn't look at that every day. good luck with your boys!! :)