Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Google Maps

After spending most of the morning playing on Google maps, I decided there was nothing fun to report.

Apparently, Darren's brain isn't on vacation, as he gives a pretty good write up.

Goodbye Mapquest. Goodbye, MSN Maps. It's a bit early to say for sure, but it looks like Google has gone cartographic on your asses.

Update: Here's more info - it's a pretty slick app.


Just me said...

How can you say "most of the morning" before 8:00 when you're on vacation???

Chez Bez said...

Oh how I know the fun you had with Google Maps. I found it the other day and just clicked and dragged all over our fair city. (Dang if my street still doesn't exist no matter what map site I use.) My poor but beautiful wife was summoned to sit next to me while I showed her how cool Google Maps was. And she pretended to be interested, God love her.

Love your blog and am adding it to my faves now.


Linda said...

Thanks. Dragging the maps is one of the coolest features. I've already found all of the places I've lived... and that's quite a lot of maps.

oSSyCoCoTaSo said...

randmcnally.com is great too