Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The latest mailbag Q&A

Q: Are you ever going to answer more questions?

A: Sure:


Q: So how about that vacation?

A: Can't wait. A full week without an alarm clock or work or meetings or email or voice mail... :)


Q: So did those comments from a few weeks ago ever bring any funny googlers?

A: Not really, although I think this Q&A feature prompted this search:
"free answer of my sex question through e mail". Never received the email though, so I certainly cannot answer whatever his question was. It could have spiced things up a bit, though. ;)


Q: You still thinking about abandoning E?

A: To be honest, there is not a better place for me to go watch my boys play basketball, as I know I can get a dedicated television and (usually) a wireless speaker to listen to the commentary and play-by-play. E will continue to be my game day spot. I'll also go there periodically to meet friends and play trivia and watch other games, but it's just not the same. Change is good - and maybe this change is good for someone else, just not me.


Q: What's up with the "maybe" on the Nashville Bloggers Meetup? Are you being a tease or just waiting to see who else goes?

A: It's during my vacation. I might be there, and I will update my status as soon as I know. Promise.


Mr. Roboto said...

Is that the Saturday morning 8:30 meetup? I say it must be boycotted as a matter of principle. 8:30? For bloggers?

Linda said...

Yes, it is the Saturday 8:30 meetup - I think the key here was working around Neilo's schedule, not ours... Perhaps we should create a counter-group that meets at a realistic time. Happy hour anyone?