Thursday, February 03, 2005

More proof I'm easily amused...

(As if we needed it)



Anonymous said...

OK... that's hilarious. Love the izzled-out synopsis blurbs.


BBLogan said...

From: Itsy Bitsy Spider Nursery Song

"Tha itsy, bitsy spida, climbed up tha wata spout.
Down came tha rizzle n washed tha spida out.
Out came tha sun n dried up all tha rain,
So tha itsy, bitsy wanna be gangsta wizzy up tha spout again."

Mr. Roboto said...

I ran "thursday night fever" on that, and it only changed one word in my blurb. TNF is keeping it real without the help of gizoogle.

Linda said...

OK - I've become an addict - I've translated entire blog posts (don't worry, I'll refrain from actually posting them). Adding to my addiction, the "2 searches per day limit" seems randomly enforced.

Roboto, I didn't realize you had renamed your blog "Thursday Night Feva fo' sheezy."