Thursday, February 24, 2005

What to do this evening?

Go to The French Quarter Cafe at 7:00 and spend half an hour rockin' out with BB (and having a beer with me).

BTW, the show will be broadcast live on their web site, should you feel like being a hermit this evening...


mike said...

This family man from Murfreesboro will have to pass on an evening at the French Quarter Cafe. Luckily, the internet came along with live club broadcasts just in time for guys like me. In my twenties, I was hearing live music in clubs most nights a week. Now, I've seen more webcast concerts than anything else. Oh well, the beer's cheaper this way.

Have fun and rock on!

Mike in Murfreesboro

Linda said...

Jeanne did rock. And she reminded us once again to quit our bitchin'.