Friday, March 25, 2005

6th Annual Ragin' Cajun Crawfish Boil

Save the date: Nashville's 6th Annual Ragin' Cajun Crawfish Boil has been set for Saturday, April 30th from 5pm until midnight. This year's event is going to support the Local Firefighters' Charity Fund. More details to come.

Update: Here's the Official Ragin' Cajun Crawfish Boil site with details and directions.

Join the crew at the Pre-Party:

Date: Thursday, March 31, 2005

Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Location: Jackson'’s in Hillsboro Village

Investment: $5.00 entry fee

Come early, stay late and catch up with all your ol’ buddies! You will be able to get your hands on event day tickets, as well as pre-purchase the one-of-a-kind, first ever offered, Ragin’ Cajun Crawfish Boil T-shirt, boldly stating –“"WHO'’S YOUR CRAWDADDY?"”


Mr. Roboto said...

Will you ask them if I can have my TNF banner back when you go?

Linda said...

Certainly. You sure you don't want them to hold it for your next bash?

Mr. Roboto said...

I'd love for them to hold it. I assumed that vandals pulled it down and burned it after I forgot about it and left.