Friday, March 04, 2005

Almost as good as dinner and a show

Went to my favorite sushi buffet for lunch again today. Can it be a favorite even though it's the only buffet I've experienced? Yeah, I guess so - I use the same logic all the time on my favorite brother.

What started out as a potential group outing ended up being just 4 of us; the perfect number for getting a booth along the wall. Unfortunately, we just missed getting a booth, and were offered half of the big table at the front of the restaurant.

For those of you who have not yet been Ru San's for lunch, let me grab my tablet and illustrate (this is fun - why didn't I think of it MONTHS ago???).

Okay, I'm back, with a disclaimer: this picture is not drawn to scale and is merely a frame of reference for those not familiar with the layout of Ru San's - the front part, at least, and is not to be subject to criticism of any sort. However, if you'd like a (digitally) signed copy, let me know, and I'll email you one.

Lunch at Ru San's starts at 11:30. By this time (especially on a Friday), there is a line down the sidewalk, and if you're not waiting there right when they open the doors, you're probably going to end up seated at the bar, with a bunch of people bumping into you on their way to and from the buffet, or waiting in line. Second best bet would be to get there about 12:30 - they keep bringing out fresh food, the line at the door isn't too bad, and the 11:30 crowd is paying their tabs and heading out.

(Reference picture now, if needed)

So, the table that would be my first choice is a largish round table across from the end of the sushi bar. Why? Proximity to the food, for one. The real reason? Everyone in line for the buffet (red arrows) is lined up along the sushi bar and walks toward this table before turning to get to the buffet. On my last visit, I was more than envious of a friend of mine who was in a group that snagged the prime seating.

Second choice would be the long table in the front. And seated at the long table in front we were. I was lucky enough to not only get a good view of those waiting to be seated, but also of those in line outside (through the big window), and the seemingly endless buffet line. Although I sadly found the buffet to fall short of it's usual glory, the entertainment value more than made up for it.


MMMikey said...

Something tells me this would be a terrible time to mention the 51 they got on their last restaurant inspection.

Linda said...

Yes... yes it would.

Jason Mabry said...

yeah I saw that on the news as well a 51 yikes!! I just ate at Ru San's the week before the inspection. Oh well..

Linda said...

Figures... I have the worst luck with stuff like this. Guess who ate at the Orchid the week before this was posted? Somehow I've survived, though...