Friday, March 25, 2005

Beyond the Edge of Reason

After watching a Big Ten school beat Duke (glad they lost, but it killed my bracket - unless Kentucky wins Sunday and, btw, this game was better) and not yet ready to call it a night, I popped in the DVD Blockbuster delivered to me today.

Since it has been years since I read the book, and I've slept a few times since then, I can't give a good comparison, but, I had read about the quiz and, against my better judgment, opted for the version of the movie with quiz. Four questions into it, I was regretting my decision, but decided to follow through and finish, rather than start over. Perhaps this is where I need to examine my judgment...


Unfortunately, by 10:30, it was past my bedtime and my eyelids were getting droopy. Fortunately for you, I had already decided that I was blogging this and refused to turn the blasted thing off and go to bed, lest I lose my banked answers (and I would not, for the record, start over).

And the result of the quiz? Yeah. Mark Darcy. Sorry, don't think so. Try again, and thanks for playing. Good night.


Just me said...

Honey, of the two possibilities, that's the good one. Unless you also wanted to be an "other"?

Linda said...

No, you're right Michelle. I guess I was looking for something a little more realistic. Silly me.