Friday, March 11, 2005

Dilbert would be jealous

Do you know how much I HATE working in cubeland? Can you imagine how difficult it is to write technical specifications while trying to drown out 5 simultaneous conversations?

Do you know how I would do anything (well, ok, not that...) to get back to the world where work involves an office and a door and (preferably) a window?

I would voluntarily give up my cubicle so a contractor has a place to sit among other developers. And I did just that on Tuesday.

And I just now overheard the PC technicians (they're within spitting distance) talking about having to move me into a conference room. A conference room with a door. And a window. Of course, the window is to the hallway, but the hallway is no worse than the parking lot...


Dr. Dave said...

Congratulations on the office upgrade, even though it sounds temporary. At least they're not putting you in the basement.

So tell me, have you tested this "spitting distance"?

Linda said...


They're not putting me in the basement YET. This is the last available space in out department, and we have additional new hires on the way. It's rumored that my "sub-department" will be bumped from the 3rd to the 2nd soon.

Hey... who took my stapler?!? ;)

Linda said...

Yeah - that should have been "3rd FLOOR to the 2nd..."

And no, I've not yet tested the distance, but I'm pretty confident in my range. Maybe I should get some sunflower seeds and try it out before I'm moved.