Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Got Wednesday night plans?

Don't forget to come out to Jackson's tomorrow night to spend the evening with your favorite blogger (and all of us others, who you can mix with while we're standing in line to wait for our chance to meet greatness). My neck and I called in sick today to make sure we were well rested for the festivities tomorrow. I'll probably be the one with the Thermacare - let's be nice and pretend it's a scarf or something. At least to my face. :)


Mr. Roboto said...

Please note, it's now "News Channel 2 presents An Evening with Mr. Roboto."

Which means "all of the awesome you had expected and some free appetizers also."

Also, I encourage any of LindaW's stalkers to contact me regarding the micropatron program I am running. Buy her drinks from miles away!

Linda said...

Oh crap, I hadn't considered my stalkers. Hey guys, seriously, if I have a restraining order against you, please don't show up. But yeah - becoming a micropatron is ok by me.