Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Is the Vandy game on?

My buddy is a bartender at Dolan's and invited me to drive to Franklin to watch the game on the big screen this evening. To humor me, his reply to the question, "Is the Vandy game on?" was a simple, "No - we're watching IU".

Sorry to say, but the Vandy game was ON. My team... not so much.

Congrats Commodores - now let's see about replacing that coach in Bloomington.

As for me, I just poured a glass of wine and Blockbuster delivered The Incredibles today. Sounds like a plan.


Mr. Roboto said...

Ah, Dolan's. One of Franklin's finest establishments and a place that allows the lifetime Frankliners to have a place to get away from the Cool Springs carpetbaggers.

Linda said...

Yeah - and I'm friends with the owners, so I'd like to refrain from stating the obvious (but I obviously can't).

(1) They're in a strip mall between a grocery store and some discount hair cutting place


(2) I think they neglected to vent their smoke-eaters to the outside

But it definitely beats Cool Springs if you're looking to grab a beer and avoid that scene (this from a carpetbagger, btw).

Chez Bez said...

Yes, Dolan's. I always meant to check it out. It opened while I was doing my blue-collar stint across the street at DW Honda. (Now I have no collar at all.)

If it's cool enough for a fellow blogger, I'll have to get in there soon. I'll be the guy with the smartass UTAH shirt.

Bruceleeroy said...

Love going to Dolan's. Don't love the smell you wake up with the next day.