Sunday, March 06, 2005

Jump on my bandwagon

Update: Never mind.

Ok, so technically, it hasn't even happened yet.


Today, Illinois will most likely win.

It's not right.


The IU Hoosiers hold the title for a perfect regular season (1975). They also hold the record for a perfect season, followed by a NCAA championship win (1976).

I'm not concerned with the second title - Illinois will not go all the way. I seriously doubt they will get through the Big 10 tournament next weekend. But they are about to take over the perfect regular season only title.

And we weren't involved in defending it. IU played 16 Big 10 conference games. 8 of those were at home - and all of them were wins. There are 11 teams in the Big 10, giving us 10 opponents (Penn State screwed the whole thing up when they came to the party in 1991). The Illini were one of 2 Big 10 teams we were not given an opportunity to beat on our home court.

So, they can't take over our title. Statistically speaking, if we had played Illinois at home, they would have lost.


peach said...

LOL....didn't you just love that illinois lost!!! wait, of course you did!!! :) and you guys kicked ass, even with your three seniors who have never touched a ball in the last two minutes of the game!

Linda said...

More importantly, if we win Friday's game, there's a good chance we'll face Illinois on Saturday...