Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Note to self: Take the stairs for the next few weeks

I hate elevator talk. This morning, I was greeted with the following: "So, how're things in the conference room? I saw you were moved."

As promised, I was moved out of my cube last week. Into another cube. On a different floor. It kind of feels like I've been voted off the IT island. The good thing is, I'm pretty secluded and don't have the pleasure of listening to 4 or 5 conversations at any given time.

But I do have to deal with a lot of questions. A lot of the same questions:

Q: Why did they move you down here?
A: There was no room for the new consultant, so they gave him my cube.

Q: Why didn't they move you to the conference room?
A: Well, initially, it was because they didn't have a desk for me in there. It eventually turned political and the "appropriateness" of me moving to a conference room/office became the focus.

Q: Is your boss moving too?
A: Uh, no.

Q: Are you still in IT?
A: Uh, yeah...

Q: So why aren't you up there?
A: There's no room.

Q: Are they going to make room for you up there so you can go back?
A: Uh, not that I'm aware of.

Q: Aren't you lonely?
A: I'm not here at work to socialize...

To be honest, once it was determined that if I were to move, I would be moving downstairs all by myself (meaning I'm not around people I work with - they haven't stuck me in a storage room or anything... yet), I was given the choice to stay where I was.

I talked it over with my boss, and we (being logical types) mapped out the pros and cons of each location. They were equal. He gave me a couple hours to think it over, and when it was time to let him know my decision, I did the logical thing and consulted an expert.

Stupid eight ball...


peach said...

yeah, that eight ball thing is pretty cool. had some interesting answers for some of my inquires...hmmm

Linda said...

Careful Peach, I wouldn't use the eight ball for important matters, like "Should I wear the black dress instead of the red one?". But I'm sure you realize that... :)

Jason A Myers said...

I trust that you kept your red swingline stapler through this all. As a fellow multimoved IT guy I say "I'll take my travelers checks to a competeing resort."

Linda said...

Actually, my swingline is black, but other than that, bears a striking resemblance to Milton's. Maybe I do need to lock it up.

And, I still haven't unpacked anything other than the necessities. I have a feeling as soon as I do, I'll be moving again. Rumor has it there's another contractor starting in a few weeks.

Maybe they'll let me work from home...