Thursday, March 24, 2005

So where are the chicks?

I mentioned Rex interviewed me for his first podcast (I'll link once he edits and posts). One of the questions he asked was the "where are the non-white male bloggers?" question that's been floating around the past few weeks. Trust me, they're out there. Here are some of the ones I read (I apologize because I'm sure I'm leaving someone out):

BB Logan
Busy Mom
Saucy Librarian
Pink Kitty
Mrs. Mixmaster

This Fish
Amy Gahran
Charlene Li
Genie Tyburski
Alice (& Bill)
Creating Passionate Users (2 out of 4)
Barbara at Product Marketing
Lora at What Is New in Tablet PCs?

And lots more - several of the work-related blogs I read are by a slew of authors, and are a mix of both men and women. I don't think about the gender of the person who is out there blogging - it's the quality of the content and whether it's something I want to read.