Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Why didn't I think of that? ...wait I did.

Just last week, while I was out with a friend, our discussion turned to Google maps, and we found we share an affinity for maps.

Although my fascination began during childhood (yes, I actually spent hours reading the atlas - and encyclopedias too, if you must know), during my college years, I dated a pilot. One of the benefits of dating a pilot is being able to jump in a plane and fly off for a weekend excursion. The best benefit is the ability to sit in the copilot's seat, chart in hand, look down, and determine your exact location based solely on what your eye can see. A bend in a river, a radio tower, railroad tracks... you get the idea.

I lamented that there isn't a road map (yet) that shows what can be seen from a driver's perspective. Something that shows the actual view, not the aerial version of one's location. Sure, it's still possible to figure out where one is based on mile markers, crossroads and geographical landmarks, but there's no satisfaction of an exact match.

Let me illustrate - where's my Tablet PC?
What a map might show as this:

You see as this:

Ok, work with me here, I'm not claiming any artistic talent, but you get the idea... But what if it were possible? Brilliant, huh?

Yeah, I thought so too. Unfortunately, someone has beaten me to it. Go here and run your mouse along the path of dots.


Chez Bez said...

Doesn't Yahoo have something like this? I can't find it now to remember for sure, but I think their latest map project consisted of a camera-equipped van driving all around big metro areas taking pictures of everything from street level. Maybe it wasn't Yahoo, but I remember perusing it and thinking how cool it was.

In other news, I skipped out on the free ice cream. With the coupon still resting before me, I am reminded of how very domesticated I have become. At least I am watching Swingers tonight to keep in touch with the 20-something in me.

Mike Beziat

Rex said...

Mike beat me to it. Except it's not Yahoo. It's Amazon's search engine (well, Google's search engine, but w/ Amazon's overlay) and it's their cool Yellow Page thing. Here's a search for optical stores. Click on one and you can see the store and then "stroll" down the street.

Linda said...

Now I remember seeing that too... Slipped my mind (that's what happens once you leave your 20's, Mike). I can't find it now, but I read on a blog somewhere that this guy was looking at the photos for his neighborhood, and found one that showed him and his family strolling down the sidewalk.

Tman said...

That is frickin' cool...I checked and it didn't seem to have anything for Nashville in my area, but I imagine as the demand for this increases, the coverage will as well.

You shoulda patented this idea Linda, you coulda been RICH-RICH I tellsya!

Jesse said...

Actually, I prefer the cartoon pictures that Linda drew...

Linda said...

Wait, this could work... Rather than show people a photograph, I'll illustrate each one. Across the US there can only be a few ... hundred... million, right?.

Jesse, you want in on this? I mean, you're not THAT busy with your kids, a full time job, and your business, right? ;)