Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Yet another Q&A

My neck and I made it to work today (yes, we have become two separate entities and are still not getting along very well, although I can't seem to think what else I can do to make it happy - this is almost as bad as being in a relationship), and realized we had answered the questions that had been sitting patiently in our in-box and had failed to post them...


Q: So how is Blockbuster's service compared to NetFlix?

A: Well, since NetFlix has yet to unveil this partnership with TiVo, and I'm not much of a movie watcher, I never signed up with NetFlix. But, since the Blockbuster deal is $5 less a month and I get 2 coupons each month to walk into a store and rent movies (although, I've yet to do that yet and we're almost out of month 2). There's anywhere from 1-3 days turnaround when mailing (they originally were coming from Chicago, but recently have all been mailed from Atlanta). Coming from someone who has actually gone into a video place and rented a DVD twice in 2 1/2 years, I have to say it's worth it for me. You also get additional coupons to use in the store, like 2 for 1 ice cream or a discounted price for used DVDs.


Q: What do you think about Davis coming back to IU?

A: I'm not thrilled, but this sounds like a nice way of saying if he doesn't pony up next year, he's out.


Q: Have you really stopped going to E?

A: Well, I haven't been since last Thursday. I'm sure I'll go sometime to meet up with a friend or catch a Titan's road game, but until things change for the better, I'd rather spend my time and money elsewhere. I haven't figured out where I'm going to go for NTN on Tuesdays yet, but it's not the end of the world.


Bruceleeroy said...

1) Speaking as someone who just left netflix for blockbuster trust me, it's better. $5 bucks less if your in it for the money. Web sites are both pretty user friendly. Faster mailing, even though they are coming from the same city! (I'm in the mail business, this one disturbs me as a consumer)

2) I hope for your sake they don't hold on to Davis as long as the Miami Dolphins held on to Dave Wanestadt, that was a joke. The guy is a great defensive coordinator, NOT A HEAD COACH!

3) The E sucks sinc ethe new management!

Anonymous said...

Linda - How are you? This is an old acquaintance from the E. What do you think about the idea of Bobby Knight going to the University of Tennessee? I bet you Brent is going nuts! -David T.

Linda said...

Hey David - I seriously doubt Bobby will end up at UT, but stranger things have happened. Maybe if the Red Raiders don't win tonight, we'll get an answer soon!

Thanks for backing me up, Bruce Leroy - and thanks for letting me drag you to yet another blog meet-up! I promise there won't be another one any time soon. That I know of, that is. ;)