Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I found the perfect job for me...

Want to be a Tablet PC demo evangelist?

Hmm... spend the day showing people how useful Tablet PCs are... Don't I already do that?

And all I need to do is give up my full-time job and benefits (and Tablet PC) to work an hourly job three days a week(end). For 8 weeks.

Maybe not.


Just me said...

Something tells me it may be time to have some sort of intervention about this Tablet PC infatuation... Step away from the tablet!

Turker said...

That sounds like fun. Are you also doing work related to TabletPC?

As a site note, I found out about your blog when I was searching for Nashville bloggers. I am in Nashville too. It is nice to read someone in your city:)

JSD said...

The tablet is evil. It will control you from across the room.

Linda said...

Turker, We're looking at automating our field sales force and I get to "test" the Tablet PC as a possible tool for them. As a bonus, I've found it to be incredibly helpful in my job as well.

And the tablet is not evil - I control what it does, not the other way around (I hope...).

JSD said...


The tablet must be destroyed before it falls in the hands of the evil. Destroy it now and save mankind as we know it. We are all with you.