Monday, April 25, 2005

NY Day 3 - Sunday

After waking up Sunday and reading the NY Times in the room, my sister and I got ready and headed to the Palm Court for brunch.

Brunch at the Palm Court

Even with reservations, there was a wait - and although we thought our reservations were at 11:30, we were told they were for 12:00. Either way, we were seated at a quarter 'til, and headed to check out the mounds of food.

At noon, our waiter brought us a mimosa (me) and champagne (my sister), and we enjoyed the obscene amount of food we had to select from for the next hour and a half. The live music was a string trio when we were seated, then a classical guitarist took over, and the trio returned.

This is a terrible photo, but one really can't be too picky when begging a fellow tourist to take a picture - taken after we had finished brunch:

We decided to spend the remaining couple of hours walking, and ended up at Trump Tower - just long enough to not buy any "You're Fired!" merchandise and take a quick photo of the waterfall that runs down the wall next to the escalator.

After leaving Trump Tower, my sister stated she needed a "pick me up" and decided the answer was to buy a pair of shoes, so we wandered into Saks. Yes. Saks 5th Avenue. On 5th Avenue. Believe it or not, I willingly entered a department store. To make matters worse, not only did my sister not find any shoes to cure whatever ailed her (I'm guessing since it was the eve of her 35th birthday, but you didn't hear that here...), but when she started walking to the exit, I asked if we could make a quick stop at the Estee Lauder counter. On our way in, I had seen a lipstick compact I HAD to have, and quickly found out it was part of the gift with purchase special they had going on (which I can't find online to link to), but let's just say that I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous tote bag and lots o' other stuff that I had to get in order to get my coveted lipstick compact.

We went back to the Plaza, where I found the perfect Mother's Day gift at one of the "please buy before we have to close" shops, where I was asked where I found such a great tote bag, and I was pleased to tell them about my "free" gift with purchase.

We then went back to the bellman, retrieved our bags, and when we went outside to get a cab to the airport, were approached by a limo driver who wanted nothing more than to get home to Long Island and take us to La Guardia on the way for half fare. Since we negotiated to almost the cab fare price, we took the stretch limo and even got a few pictures on the way to the airport.

Dinner consisted of a couple pretzels at La Guardia, and we made it back home before dark. Not a bad trip, if I do say so myself.

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Just me said...

So you went to New York and bought lipstick? Whoa, talk about hitting the town! :) I get a feeling you've exercised some editorial rights here...