Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope John Paul II, 1920-2005

Got home from spending the first half of the day with Mom at the Southern Women's Show to find the Pope has died.

My best friend is part of the Musicians of St. Clare choir in Denver. They travel all over the world and perform and several of those performances have been for the Pope. A couple of years ago, he asked them if they would sing at his funeral. He even requested the song he wanted them to sing. I haven't talked with her yet, but I'm guessing that since her newborn daughter is being baptized today, she's not going to make the trip.


peach said...

it's weird watching the coverage on cnn. having been to vatican square makes me kind of wish i was there now, but i hate crowds, so that won't work. guess i'll just have to go to mass instead.

Busy Mom said...

Wow, I hope there's some way to work it out, what an opportunity! I have been transfixed by the CNN coverage.

Linda said...

Yeah - I wish I knew how to convince her she can't pass this trip up!