Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Don't know when I'll be back again

Well, OK, I know I'll be back Sunday, but after work this evening I will be leaving on a jet plane.

It's time for 2 nights and 2 days in the Big Easy with the girls, followed by a family wedding over in Red Stick.

Not sure what the agenda will be, except the fact that lunch on Friday is taken care of. Can't see how we're not going to have a great time, though.

See you next week.


Julie said...

Is that song by, nevermind.

New Orleans better watch out...have a wonderful time, Linda!

Anonymous said...

Girls trip? arent you taking your man with you??? uh oh

Linda said...

No - apparently he has better things to do... :)

Lindasis said...

We are stopping for daiquiri's before hitting the hotel tonight, aren't we??!!?

What time's lunch? Also, good news, I found the 1 item on the menu that I'll eat!

Linda said...

Of course... I'm thinking there should be a daiquiri to go stand at the airport.

Lunch is noon on Friday - followed by a stop at a daiquiri stand.

Lindasis said...

Great. I've begun the countdown already...10 hours to landing...Maybe I shouldn't have put it in writing. That sounds so far away. And since I'll soon be sitting in the office alone when the only 2 guys that aren't out on vacation this week leave in the next few minutes to golf.....that time frame will only get muuuuuuccchhh lonnnngggger.


Anonymous said...

He has better things to do then hang out with a couple of beautiful women? c'mon on!!