Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Judging from my inbox, the $10,000 question

Q: Why haven't you updated your blog?

A: Work.


Lame answer, I know, but oh, so very true.

Want proof that I'm not imagining it? Here's my horoscope for today:
So work's frustrating -- keep your trap shut and start updating that resume.

Needless to say, if I had posted anything this week, it would be about how much fun work hasn't been. And I know how little I enjoy hearing me complain about work, so I can imagine your thoughts.


Thanks for those of you who came out to the crawfish boil this past weekend. It was fun. A little cold, it's true. The look on my face says, "I'm trying to look warm and smile, but I really want to get back to the bonfire NOW!" Daisy, on the other hand, looks fabulous:

I'm guessing that the attendance would have been far heavier had the weather been a little more seasonal, but I'm glad there was no need to fight for a place in line for either crawfish or beer.

As a side note, I didn't realize they had added a feature this year: the mud pit/tractor pull. As luck would have it, I was fortunate enough to be in a vehicle equipped with 4-wheel drive, and didn't get to participate in THAT sport.


Chez Bez said...

You and Daisy BOTH look fabulous.

Thanks for the RSS tips. I'll see what I can learn from them.


Linda said...

Thanks Mike - flattery will get you everywhere! :)

Anonymous said...

4 wheel drive? Ldubs are you dating a cowboy? or a redneck? do tell

Chez Bez said...

I keep hearing that lately. ;-)

Anonymous said...


great pic of you and Daisy..I hear you two are going out of town soon, are you taking your cowboy with you?

Linda said...

No, Daisy and I made a deal. No rugby players for her and no cowboys (or rednecks) for me. Just 4 Nashville chicks in New Orleans...

MMMikey said...

Crawfish boil... cowboys... trucks... I know I should make some inside-info "Big Daddy" comment here, but I think that's Elizabeth's joke.

Linda said...

Thanks MMM - your restraint is not only impressive, but appreciated.

And sorry I didn't mention the rockin' entertainment - but everyone can experience that first-hand Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Why do I feel left out of some inside not-a-joke? What am I missing???

Daisy said...

Hey MMM, you all sounded great last Saturday. And that is Elizabeth's Big Daddy truck and she would have appreciated the joke. She is not going on the New Orleans trip though...We will find other big daddies in NO.
Just kidding Linda.

Anonymous said...

So radiant, so lovely!