Friday, July 29, 2005

Management Myths

Johanna Rothman over at Managing Product Development has been posting a series on management myths this week. Definitely worth a read, no matter what your field:

Management Myth #1: There is One Right Way to Manage

Management Myth #2: We Must be the Best

Management Myth #3: It's All About the Work

Management Myth #4: Managers Don't Need Training


Julie said...

We need another topic here. It goes something like this:

"managing on metrics alone and why it is bulls..."

peach said...

i guess this is where i get lucky and have to tell you what a great manager i have. she and i are good friends (her twin sister and i went to high school together). she has her master's in marketing and she actually knows what she is doing. i know she gets frustrated dealing with our corporate bs but she is great to us. i am going to forward this to her for her enjoyment. :)