Friday, July 08, 2005

A public service announcement...

Because I'm such a lousy typist, one of the things I like about Blogger is the fact that is has a built-in spell check. And, unlike Gmail's spell check (yet), you can add words that it doesn't already recognize (such as "blog" and "blogger").

If your blog editing tool doesn't offer spell check, try copying and pasting into Word to check your spelling (and grammar). Please note, no spell-checker is fail-proof, but it's better than nothing.


peach said...

thank goodness mine does, because even though you've taught me to copy and paste i don't think i could handle doing that for a word document. that's just a little to techie for me :)

Muffy said...

Our commercial production forms don't offer spell check (if anyone can offer instructions as to how to add spell check to a template form thing please tell me) and our sales people give use that as an excuse for spelling words like "sandwich" and "garden" and sometimes even their name wrong.

I've tried telling them to use the copy paste thing. I was met with "How do you copy and paste?"