Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Weekend wrap-up

Finally a weekend that didn't fly by. Of course, that extra day helped.

From an evening of bowling Friday, to Saturday by the pool, Daisy's birthday fest on Saturday night, then downtown for some more fun. Sunday was the family cook out, and Monday's holiday activities started with the children's parade in Spring Hill, more pool time, then the fireworks downtown in Nashville.

I hadn't been downtown to see the show for a few years, and was absolutely blown away. You hear a lot of people saying the fireworks are for the kids, and I have more than a few friends who don't bother to head out on July 4th. They should be regretting it this morning.

Yes, the traffic was crazy (I'd be amazed if there weren't any traffic accidents with the number of cars lined up on the interstate last night), the crowd kept coming (including those people who showed up just before the show and thought it was a good idea to sit practically on top of us in the coliseum lot), but the show was more than worth it.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

When's the next one?


Jerry H. said...

Good Post, nice

Daisy said...

Thanks Linda for coming to the birthday bash! I appreciated it :)

Ray said...


How was the birthday bash? What did you guys do afterwards? Did you see the cowboy play Sunday night?

Mickel said...

Did any one see the cowboy's show Sunday nite? From the reports I got, is that it was awesome.....

Nap. dynamite said...


the next holiday is Manual Labor day, duhhh..

what, are you some idiot?? gosh