Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Turkey Day Eve!

Although, I don't plan on eating turkey, either.

One of the great things about working the day before Thanksgiving at my office is that a lot of people stay home, and it's a great opportunity to get things done without constant interruption.

That is, back in the old days when I actually worked in my department, not stuck in the corner on another floor.

Seems the department right next to me has nothing to do but socialize today. And they must want everyone in the building to know it.

So, while I sit here and try to block out their constant chatter, trying to get those last three things crossed off my list, I'll just look forward to the next four work-free days.

Considering one of those three things is filing an expense report from last month's trip to San Diego, I think I need to get cracking.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Lindasis said...

At least you have chatter to listen to - so that you know you aren't stuck in the office alone - without being able to leave early. That is much worse. Well, at least I had chatter this morning. Come Friday I will have to be here 8 - 5 (to answer the phone that will ring all of 5 times all day) and NO ONE else will be here. That just plain sucks!