Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It looks like I'm thankful for food...

Wow. If I weren't such a lazy slob, I could have written a daily "how I'm spending my holiday weekend" post. Instead, you get the condensed "how I spent 4 days" bulleted list.

Lucky you.

(Cliffs Notes version: I didn't do anything really, other than eat.)

Thursday AM:
Spent the morning on the couch, keeping TiVo company.
Call from my brother determines Spongebob Squarepants is a member of the contraceptive sponge family, as he lives in Bikini Bottom (trust me, if you had heard the entire conversation, you'd laugh).

Thursday PM:
Drive to Spring Hill for Thanksgiving.
Pack up leftovers.
Home to watch Finding Nemo. Wonder why we're watching a movie on tv when we own the DVD.

Friday AM:
Spend the entire morning with my favorite 7 year old.
Attempt to go to breakfast, only to find they have the audacity to give their employees an extra day off. Settle for bagels.
Spa time.

Friday PM:
Pull out Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch.
Dinner with out of town family before they head home.

Finally get breakfast at Puffy Muffin (they're open!).
Another leftover lunch (yum).
Spend an hour on the Greenway.
Attempt to find somewhere (other than here) to watch the game. Find one place way out of the way. Get there to find they don't have it after all.

Finish leftovers (well, decide if it ain't gone by now, it's time to say goodbye).
Hit the grocery store now that there's room in the fridge and make a big pot of chili.

By Sunday, I was really getting restless, which means I actually was able to relax over the long weekend, instead of feeling like I ran around like a crazy woman and need an extra few days off work to recover.

Guess I can't complain.


Lesley said...

Damn you, Linda no longer Dblu! I did NOT need to know about that day spa. The knowledge that such a decadence exists so nearby and yet not in Belle Meade will haunt me for days!

Linda said...

I'd lie and say it really wasn't that great, but it was wonderful. I should have said I'm also thankful for the gift certificate I got 11 months ago that I decided to take advantage of...

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know how the 7 year old liked the spa, or did you leave her at home? ;)

Linda said...

Oh no, I'm a good step-monster. She came to the spa with me and had her own paraffin manicure and got to play in a massage chair while she waited for my appointment to end.