Thursday, December 08, 2005

Merry Christmas to me!

I know what Santa is bringing me. Well, not THE Santa, but my cookbook Santa. I just peeked at my "purchased" items on my special cookbook wishlist.

I'm getting the BEST reference cookbook in the world (I have a paperback version I swiped borrowed from my mother's kitchen years ago that's disintegrating as we speak - don't worry, I've since bought her a replacement) and something that will make my lunches much more productive (after Christmas, I'll be lunching at home, as it will be a mile from my work - nothing like multi-tasking at lunch and taking care of what's for dinner).

And yes, I already have a bookcase full of cookbooks, not to mention the countless recipe archives online, added to the fact that I rarely follow a recipe as anything other than a "suggestion"... There's just something about a cookbook.


Anonymous said...

"There's just something about a cookbook"

This from the woman who admits she read the encyclopedia as a child... Cookbooks are BO-RING. Menus, though, are another story!

Laura Creekmore said...

Wow, these are two I don't have. The second I wasn't even familiar with. But both look great. I am such a huge cookbook fan but am rapidly running out of room. :) I am going to have to start culling my collection.

Linda said...

I think when I start packing for the move, I'll end up with a box of cookbooks for Goodwill. That way, there's room for more!!