Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ragin' Cajun Crawfish Boil Pre-Party Tonight

Date: Thursday, March 31, 2005
Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Location: Jackson'’s in Hillsboro Village
Investment: $5.00 entry fee

While you're there, go ahead and get your ticket to the Crawfish Boil ($15 in advance, $20 at the door) and your very own RCCB "Who's your crawdaddy?" T-shirt.

Save the date: Nashville's 6th Annual Ragin' Cajun Crawfish Boil has been set for Saturday, April 30th from 5pm until midnight. This year's event is going to support the Local Firefighters' Charity Fund. More details to come. Here are previous RCCB photos.

Update: Here's the Official Ragin' Cajun Crawfish Boil site with details and directions.

Spring quiz

Q1: You know what's great about a day like today, when it's sunny and warm and spring has sprung?

A1: A friend calls and asks, "Hey can you take off from work early today and meet me by the pool for a couple of Coronas?"

Q2: You know what really sucks about a day like today when a friend calls and asks you if you can take off work early and meet her by the pool?

A2: Having to tell her "no".

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Note to self: Take the stairs for the next few weeks

I hate elevator talk. This morning, I was greeted with the following: "So, how're things in the conference room? I saw you were moved."

As promised, I was moved out of my cube last week. Into another cube. On a different floor. It kind of feels like I've been voted off the IT island. The good thing is, I'm pretty secluded and don't have the pleasure of listening to 4 or 5 conversations at any given time.

But I do have to deal with a lot of questions. A lot of the same questions:

Q: Why did they move you down here?
A: There was no room for the new consultant, so they gave him my cube.

Q: Why didn't they move you to the conference room?
A: Well, initially, it was because they didn't have a desk for me in there. It eventually turned political and the "appropriateness" of me moving to a conference room/office became the focus.

Q: Is your boss moving too?
A: Uh, no.

Q: Are you still in IT?
A: Uh, yeah...

Q: So why aren't you up there?
A: There's no room.

Q: Are they going to make room for you up there so you can go back?
A: Uh, not that I'm aware of.

Q: Aren't you lonely?
A: I'm not here at work to socialize...

To be honest, once it was determined that if I were to move, I would be moving downstairs all by myself (meaning I'm not around people I work with - they haven't stuck me in a storage room or anything... yet), I was given the choice to stay where I was.

I talked it over with my boss, and we (being logical types) mapped out the pros and cons of each location. They were equal. He gave me a couple hours to think it over, and when it was time to let him know my decision, I did the logical thing and consulted an expert.

Stupid eight ball...

Oh no, here we TiVo...

Remember what Mark Cuban predicted and was later confirmed?

Via /.: TiVo Starts Testing "Pop-up" Ads

And it seems to have a few bugs...

Update: Screenshot of a pop-up. I still don't see what the big deal is. But, I've yet to see one on my TV.

I earned my badge... have you?

I'm kind of worried about the test, though...

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Thanks Easter Bunny (bawk bawk)

I used to LOVE that commercial.

So, Easter Sunday and time to go to Mom's for dinner with a couple dozen strangers. It's funny how since my parents have gotten divorced, Mom has expanded her inner circle and what used to be "family" dinners are now group outings. Supposedly, my dear brother has talked with her about this and it won't happen again.

Anyway... Picked Peach up at noon and was happy to get a mimosa to go and we headed south to Spring Hill for an afternoon Easter dinner. Luckily, what could have been 30 was dinner for 15. Mom seems to forget that her kitchen, dining room, and living room now occupy the same space that used to be any one of the three.

After dinner, we had the traditional Easter egg hunt, and the 4 people under age eight that were there were more than happy to participate. While the eggs were being "hidden", Mom broke out the Easter bunny shaped chalk and the kids happily graffitied her driveway and street. I think I was the only one grossed out by the remainders of the chalk - a bunch of bunnies with no heads.

Early into the hunt, I realized that Zander was at a disadvantage, being only three, as once he found his first egg, he stood there holding it up for all to see, beaming with pride. The competitive side of me broke out, and I buddied up with Zander, and helped him find all the treats he could. I decided to grab one for myself, and immediately was shocked to see a huge garden slug stuck to the sucker I had picked up. I quickly handed it off to Mom, went inside to the kitchen to wash my hands and deal with dry heaves in the sink for a few minutes, and moved on to watching the basketball game.

When the kids came in, Zander was proud of his basket full of treats, and thanked me for helping (what a gentleman) and even allowed me the honor of putting his shoes on when he left to go home. I'll tell you this - if I had Spiderman sneakers that lit up when I walked, you'd be honored if I asked you to help me put them on too.

This is why March is my favorite month

What a weekend for basketball. Still getting over the Kentucky loss - and struggling with the fact that even though I was pullin' for the Cats, the Big Ten is still going strong.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Beyond the Edge of Reason

After watching a Big Ten school beat Duke (glad they lost, but it killed my bracket - unless Kentucky wins Sunday and, btw, this game was better) and not yet ready to call it a night, I popped in the DVD Blockbuster delivered to me today.

Since it has been years since I read the book, and I've slept a few times since then, I can't give a good comparison, but, I had read about the quiz and, against my better judgment, opted for the version of the movie with quiz. Four questions into it, I was regretting my decision, but decided to follow through and finish, rather than start over. Perhaps this is where I need to examine my judgment...


Unfortunately, by 10:30, it was past my bedtime and my eyelids were getting droopy. Fortunately for you, I had already decided that I was blogging this and refused to turn the blasted thing off and go to bed, lest I lose my banked answers (and I would not, for the record, start over).

And the result of the quiz? Yeah. Mark Darcy. Sorry, don't think so. Try again, and thanks for playing. Good night.

What they said...

OK, everyone has written up these wonderful reviews about Wednesday's Evening With Mr. Roboto. Even BB and Dean blogged it and they weren't there. Over-achievers...

Anyway, to avoid a lot of work for me restating the obvious, I invite you to see what they said - if their opinions are good enough for me, they're good enough for you, right?

#1 and #2
Bruce Leroy
Busy Mom
Kevin Barbieux
Muffy Wong
Paul Chenoweth
Pink Kitty
The "She Said What" ladies
Terry Heaton
Tim Morgan
Tyson Tune

Let me know if I missed your post...

6th Annual Ragin' Cajun Crawfish Boil

Save the date: Nashville's 6th Annual Ragin' Cajun Crawfish Boil has been set for Saturday, April 30th from 5pm until midnight. This year's event is going to support the Local Firefighters' Charity Fund. More details to come.

Update: Here's the Official Ragin' Cajun Crawfish Boil site with details and directions.

Join the crew at the Pre-Party:

Date: Thursday, March 31, 2005

Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Location: Jackson'’s in Hillsboro Village

Investment: $5.00 entry fee

Come early, stay late and catch up with all your ol’ buddies! You will be able to get your hands on event day tickets, as well as pre-purchase the one-of-a-kind, first ever offered, Ragin’ Cajun Crawfish Boil T-shirt, boldly stating –“"WHO'’S YOUR CRAWDADDY?"”

Thursday, March 24, 2005

So where are the chicks?

I mentioned Rex interviewed me for his first podcast (I'll link once he edits and posts). One of the questions he asked was the "where are the non-white male bloggers?" question that's been floating around the past few weeks. Trust me, they're out there. Here are some of the ones I read (I apologize because I'm sure I'm leaving someone out):

BB Logan
Busy Mom
Saucy Librarian
Pink Kitty
Mrs. Mixmaster

This Fish
Amy Gahran
Charlene Li
Genie Tyburski
Alice (& Bill)
Creating Passionate Users (2 out of 4)
Barbara at Product Marketing
Lora at What Is New in Tablet PCs?

And lots more - several of the work-related blogs I read are by a slew of authors, and are a mix of both men and women. I don't think about the gender of the person who is out there blogging - it's the quality of the content and whether it's something I want to read.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Yet another Q&A

My neck and I made it to work today (yes, we have become two separate entities and are still not getting along very well, although I can't seem to think what else I can do to make it happy - this is almost as bad as being in a relationship), and realized we had answered the questions that had been sitting patiently in our in-box and had failed to post them...


Q: So how is Blockbuster's service compared to NetFlix?

A: Well, since NetFlix has yet to unveil this partnership with TiVo, and I'm not much of a movie watcher, I never signed up with NetFlix. But, since the Blockbuster deal is $5 less a month and I get 2 coupons each month to walk into a store and rent movies (although, I've yet to do that yet and we're almost out of month 2). There's anywhere from 1-3 days turnaround when mailing (they originally were coming from Chicago, but recently have all been mailed from Atlanta). Coming from someone who has actually gone into a video place and rented a DVD twice in 2 1/2 years, I have to say it's worth it for me. You also get additional coupons to use in the store, like 2 for 1 ice cream or a discounted price for used DVDs.


Q: What do you think about Davis coming back to IU?

A: I'm not thrilled, but this sounds like a nice way of saying if he doesn't pony up next year, he's out.


Q: Have you really stopped going to E?

A: Well, I haven't been since last Thursday. I'm sure I'll go sometime to meet up with a friend or catch a Titan's road game, but until things change for the better, I'd rather spend my time and money elsewhere. I haven't figured out where I'm going to go for NTN on Tuesdays yet, but it's not the end of the world.

Live blogging from Jackson's

Roboto said no live blogging, but when have I followed the rules? Rex interviewed me earlier for his first ever podcast. Beer on the patio has proven to be a better atmosphere than donuts at the studio. I'll add links later.
Sent from Linda's BlackBerry

I bet it's good to be back...

John Porcaro's blog, mktg@msft, was one of the first I added to my RSS aggregator - I linked to his article on IM etiquette at work almost a year ago (He was also one of my first comments - but since I went from Haloscan to Google's comments, I've lost it...).

John doesn't post a lot, but what he posts is always worth reading. When I saw he had something new last week, I was excited - until I read it and realized how lucky he is to be alive right now.

Today, John reports he's back at work and will recover 100% and realizes how much whom you work for and with matters.

I don't know about you, but the people I work with definitely fall into the better of the two examples - maybe I need to think of that more often.

Got plans for next Tuesday?

With all the excitement of this evening's News Channel 2 Presents An Evening with Mr. Roboto (I don't need to trademark that or anything, do I?), don't forget about next Tuesday.

Spend the evening with good friends and good food and support Nashville CARES by participating in Dining Out for Life. I'm already meeting a group for dinner, but lunch is open, should anyone care to join me. Let me know. Cafe Nonna sounds good...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Got Wednesday night plans?

Don't forget to come out to Jackson's tomorrow night to spend the evening with your favorite blogger (and all of us others, who you can mix with while we're standing in line to wait for our chance to meet greatness). My neck and I called in sick today to make sure we were well rested for the festivities tomorrow. I'll probably be the one with the Thermacare - let's be nice and pretend it's a scarf or something. At least to my face. :)

Spelling with Flickr

Your Turn

Monday, March 21, 2005

Pain in the neck...

I have one, that is. And I would give (almost) anything to make it figurative and not literal. I'm currently hosting the "call doctor for muscle relaxers v. get appointment with a chiropractor" debate in my head. It's enough to make my head spin, except I can't look to the left. Or up. So, if you should see me with my head drooping down and to the right with a stream of drool hanging from my lip, it's the meds.

An Evening With Mr. Roboto's Advertisers

OK kids, we're only two days away from An Evening With Mr. Roboto at Jackson's. You know you want to go. Everyone will be there. Well, not everyone, just everyone worth hanging out with...

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Rumor has it...

IU's Davis Considering Tulane Job

We all know it's easier to get a job when you still have one...

Update(s): Davis denies; Even Bobby hates him...
Final update: Damn.

TiVo marathon wrap up...

In-between basketball games this weekend, I decided to empty out TiVo's memory (I'm waiting on movies from Blockbuster and far too lazy to go across the street and actually pick up one of my two free in-store rentals for the month).

A couple of observations from my TiVo marathon:

Kiefer Sutherland's life is filled with "amazing", "phenomenal", and "fantastic" people and occurrences. Either that, or he's easily awed.

If you're a fan of South Park and/or Queer Eye, the "South Park is Gay" episode is worth a watch.

The Twilight Zone is completely hit or miss - can't decide if the 50% of the programs I enjoy are worth living through the 50% that I could have done without...

With a few (delightful) exceptions, most of the people who appear on Inside the Actors Studio that I think would be absolutely fascinating, bore me. It may be due to their self-importance or a total lack of self awareness or something in-between. The episodes I think about deleting because I either have no knowledge of the person or are completely turned off by what I have seen of their professional sides are the ones that entertain and interest me.

Alton Brown's gimmick is the whole "science lab in the kitchen" thing. NOT his sister/nephew/stalker/Poe-inspired chicken... Seriously. It doesn't add to the program.

Noticeably absent from my "Now Playing" list is MI5. I recently discovered this program and was immediately hooked (if I had a frame of reference, I would say it's like crack, but I'll have to go only by hearsay on this one). Come ON A&E, bring it back!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

This explains a lot...

There are times when I hear some of the things guys say, thinking it will help them out with members of the female persuasion, and my reaction is, "Where on earth do the LEARN this stuff?"

After finding this article, I now have a better idea.

Seriously guys, the best line I saw in there was #18 ("I'll go make coffee."). Why not take a look at this article instead?

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Thanks for the memories...

I left this voice message earlier this evening:

me: Hey Steven. It's Linda. You know, "Trouble", as you call me. Well, anyway just wanted to say good bye. And, if this is what you were going for, congratulations, because you just lost one of your regulars.

Seriously. I know you asked me a few weeks back about getting a DJ in to host trivia, and what I thought about it and I know I told you it sucked and how the other regulars wouldn't go for it, but good for you for deciding to ignore me and for going through with it.

But, as a sports bar manager, I would have thought the "sports" part of you would say, "Hey, it's the first night of the NCAA tourney" and the "bar" part of you would add, "and it's St. Patrick's Day".

Not to mention the fact that you offer trivia via NTN all the time without an annoying DJ on a microphone...

Anyway, good luck with your career - hope it turns out well. Nice knowing you.


So, what next for me? Well, I won't be helping E pay their electric bill any more, and there are plenty of other places in the BNA metro area to get my trivia fix. And besides, I have TiVo and Blockbuster all set to entertain me. That reminds me, About Schmidt is paused and waiting... And no, I'm not looking forward to the Kathy Bates in a hot tub scene.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Is the Vandy game on?

My buddy is a bartender at Dolan's and invited me to drive to Franklin to watch the game on the big screen this evening. To humor me, his reply to the question, "Is the Vandy game on?" was a simple, "No - we're watching IU".

Sorry to say, but the Vandy game was ON. My team... not so much.

Congrats Commodores - now let's see about replacing that coach in Bloomington.

As for me, I just poured a glass of wine and Blockbuster delivered The Incredibles today. Sounds like a plan.

This just made my day...

I was doing some background research for my upcoming switch to Cingular (just so I could get this phone), and was more than disappointed in the packages they offered, especially compared to the service I get from Verizon. Looks like I may not have to decide between the phone of my dreams and my 7 year relationship with my mobile carrier after all. :)

From Gizmodo:
Motorola has announced a CDMA version of the massively popular V3 RAZR, which means either Sprint or Verizon users should be expecting the phone at some point in the near future.

Monday, March 14, 2005

This is why all my friends are guys

I just bought 5 of these shirts:

from T-Shirt Hell

(Sorry Roboto, I don't know your tshirt size - email me)

Bad TiVo!

Apparently, TiVo has decided I might want to watch Knight Rider. So he recorded 7 episodes today.

No TiVo. Bad boy.

It's not March Madness, I'm just mad

As an IU basketball fan, I had no reason to know there was another post-season tournament until recently. Apparently, teams that don't make it to the dance compete to be the 66th best team in the NCAA (note - don't even send the emails - I am in no way implying that the NCAA tournament is representative of the best teams - that became very evident yesterday from 5:00 until about 5:45 PM, CST).

Anyway, unlike last year, when our suck-ass coach led us to a losing season, we're getting some post-season play this year and hosting the 'Dores on Wednesday.

Hey AIM users...

Be careful what you say on AIM, especially if you use it for work. AOL has changed their terms of service. Here's a snippet:
Although you or the owner of the Content retain ownership of all right, title and interest in Content that you post to any AIM Product, AOL owns all right, title and interest in any compilation, collective work or other derivative work created by AOL using or incorporating this Content. In addition, by posting Content on an AIM Product, you grant AOL, its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, assigns, agents and licensees the irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide right to reproduce, display, perform, distribute, adapt and promote this Content in any medium. You waive any right to privacy. You waive any right to inspect or approve uses of the Content or to be compensated for any such uses.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Wallace and Gromit Rock

If you've ever seen any of the 3 Wallace and Gromit films, you'll be as thrilled as I was when I read they have a movie coming out.

Here's the trailer.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sorry, wrong number

So, I hang out a lot at a sports bar in Cool Springs. And I happen to have the manager wrapped around my little finger.

This afternoon, I called his office number, only to get voice mail. Fortunately, his voice mail gave me his cell phone number.

Unfortunately, I misdialed his cell phone number.

It went like this:

me: Hey Steven, we need to know what time Kentucky plays tomorrow.

him: I'm sorry, who is this?

me: It's Linda.

him: Linda?

me: Linda W. Is this not Steven _____?

him: No, and OK, well, I don't know you, but I am a Kentucky fan and I should know this, but if I do find out, I'll call you back.

me: OK. Cool.

So, I found out about 5 minutes later and called him back and invited him to join us tomorrow.

We'll see.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Dilbert would be jealous

Do you know how much I HATE working in cubeland? Can you imagine how difficult it is to write technical specifications while trying to drown out 5 simultaneous conversations?

Do you know how I would do anything (well, ok, not that...) to get back to the world where work involves an office and a door and (preferably) a window?

I would voluntarily give up my cubicle so a contractor has a place to sit among other developers. And I did just that on Tuesday.

And I just now overheard the PC technicians (they're within spitting distance) talking about having to move me into a conference room. A conference room with a door. And a window. Of course, the window is to the hallway, but the hallway is no worse than the parking lot...

This explains a lot...

My Brain is 26.67% Female, 73.33% Male

I have a total boy brain
Logical and detailed, I tend to look at the facts
And while my emotions do sway me sometimes...
I never like to get feelings too involved

What Gender Is Your Brain?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The key to my...

A few weeks ago, I started a relationship with someone who has already changed my life. Someone who makes me happier than I can begin to describe in words. I can only hope this becomes a long-lasting relationship.

When I found myself at the hardware store purchasing an additional key to my home (yes, it's THAT kind of relationship), it hit me how serious this is.

And I went through a range of feelings.

Bliss: This is really wonderful!

Unworthiness: Do I deserve someone like this?

Guilt: I feel like I'm doing something wrong. What would my mother think?

Confidence: This is exactly what I've needed in my life.

So, if any of you out there live in Nashville and are considering hiring a housekeeper, drop me an email - I have a wonderful one to recommend!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Change of plans

I was all ready to brag about my upcoming weekend in Chicago. I was going to speculate that this might be the year I actually make the parade or see the dyeing of the river (or would this be the only river I encounter over the weekend?). There were tentative plans to go to a play or even score some tickets to the tournament, should the Hoosiers make it to Saturday's game.

Unfortunately, my plans have changed, and I'm weekending in Music City. Anyone know of any trouble worth getting into?

Sunday, March 06, 2005

More Q&A...

Yep, it's more Q&A - leave a comment or send an email if you really need to know something...


Q: So, what ever happened to that old friend you found online?

A: Oh - yeah. Sorry to leave you hanging. We talked to each other last weekend for something like an hour and a half. It was really cool to catch up and, since he lives in New York, I'll be visiting in April. Turns out one of his "little" brothers (the one who used to douse tennis balls in gasoline, light them on fire and hit them down the road with a golf club) lives in Murfreesboro. And if any of you ever need a hand-crafted classical or flamenco guitar, let me know. He's your guy. My friend, I mean, not the pyro.


Q: What do you have against bicycles?

A: Nothing, really. Just don't have the necessary space in my life for one at the moment, nor the time to properly maintain it. :)


Q: Why don't you list the blogs you read?

A: Because I'm a slacker. I'll do it. Sometime. I promise. Just don't hold your breath.


Q: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you take?

A: So, you're implying that I would know ahead of time and be able to prepare. OK. I'd take my Tablet PC (yes, this deserted island better have wireless), a fully stocked bar, and a bicycle. And I don't mean the Schwinn type. ;)


Q: Is it hard to be that cool? :-P

A: Not for me. :-P back at ya.

Jump on my bandwagon

Update: Never mind.

Ok, so technically, it hasn't even happened yet.


Today, Illinois will most likely win.

It's not right.


The IU Hoosiers hold the title for a perfect regular season (1975). They also hold the record for a perfect season, followed by a NCAA championship win (1976).

I'm not concerned with the second title - Illinois will not go all the way. I seriously doubt they will get through the Big 10 tournament next weekend. But they are about to take over the perfect regular season only title.

And we weren't involved in defending it. IU played 16 Big 10 conference games. 8 of those were at home - and all of them were wins. There are 11 teams in the Big 10, giving us 10 opponents (Penn State screwed the whole thing up when they came to the party in 1991). The Illini were one of 2 Big 10 teams we were not given an opportunity to beat on our home court.

So, they can't take over our title. Statistically speaking, if we had played Illinois at home, they would have lost.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

So much to do, so little time

Woke up this morning at 5:00, on the couch, tv on... which is ok when I'm home, since I have the (certified) most comfortable couch to sleep on in Davidson county. Unfortunately, I'm house (cat) sitting in Williamson county and although the reclining leather sofa is great for watching tv, sleeping is another story. Maybe I should go soak in the jacuzzi.

Other than the lack of a good sleeping couch, hanging out in a bachelor pad can be fun. Where else do you get a wide-screen tv, reclining leather seating for 6 (ok, technically 5 - the middle seat on the couch is of the non-reclining type), race cars, PlayStation 2, darts, a keg fridge, a pool (not yet pool weather, so that's not really relevant), a karaoke machine (I do a mean "Pour Some Sugar on Me" - just ask the cat - she was so impressed by my talent, she had to go upstairs and rest under the bed), and a convertible Corvette (seriously Alan, if you read this, I didn't drive it this weekend -- yet this weekend -- but it's gorgeous outside).

Hmm... better go amuse myself for a few hours before heading to E to watch my Hoosiers lose play their last regular season game. Going to the dance is highly unlikely, but at least we didn't end up with a second losing season in a row. I can only handle one every few decades.

Note to Blogger's spellcheck: Jacuzzi shouldn't be jackass and Hoosiers aren't hookers.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Almost as good as dinner and a show

Went to my favorite sushi buffet for lunch again today. Can it be a favorite even though it's the only buffet I've experienced? Yeah, I guess so - I use the same logic all the time on my favorite brother.

What started out as a potential group outing ended up being just 4 of us; the perfect number for getting a booth along the wall. Unfortunately, we just missed getting a booth, and were offered half of the big table at the front of the restaurant.

For those of you who have not yet been Ru San's for lunch, let me grab my tablet and illustrate (this is fun - why didn't I think of it MONTHS ago???).

Okay, I'm back, with a disclaimer: this picture is not drawn to scale and is merely a frame of reference for those not familiar with the layout of Ru San's - the front part, at least, and is not to be subject to criticism of any sort. However, if you'd like a (digitally) signed copy, let me know, and I'll email you one.

Lunch at Ru San's starts at 11:30. By this time (especially on a Friday), there is a line down the sidewalk, and if you're not waiting there right when they open the doors, you're probably going to end up seated at the bar, with a bunch of people bumping into you on their way to and from the buffet, or waiting in line. Second best bet would be to get there about 12:30 - they keep bringing out fresh food, the line at the door isn't too bad, and the 11:30 crowd is paying their tabs and heading out.

(Reference picture now, if needed)

So, the table that would be my first choice is a largish round table across from the end of the sushi bar. Why? Proximity to the food, for one. The real reason? Everyone in line for the buffet (red arrows) is lined up along the sushi bar and walks toward this table before turning to get to the buffet. On my last visit, I was more than envious of a friend of mine who was in a group that snagged the prime seating.

Second choice would be the long table in the front. And seated at the long table in front we were. I was lucky enough to not only get a good view of those waiting to be seated, but also of those in line outside (through the big window), and the seemingly endless buffet line. Although I sadly found the buffet to fall short of it's usual glory, the entertainment value more than made up for it.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Why didn't I think of that? ...wait I did.

Just last week, while I was out with a friend, our discussion turned to Google maps, and we found we share an affinity for maps.

Although my fascination began during childhood (yes, I actually spent hours reading the atlas - and encyclopedias too, if you must know), during my college years, I dated a pilot. One of the benefits of dating a pilot is being able to jump in a plane and fly off for a weekend excursion. The best benefit is the ability to sit in the copilot's seat, chart in hand, look down, and determine your exact location based solely on what your eye can see. A bend in a river, a radio tower, railroad tracks... you get the idea.

I lamented that there isn't a road map (yet) that shows what can be seen from a driver's perspective. Something that shows the actual view, not the aerial version of one's location. Sure, it's still possible to figure out where one is based on mile markers, crossroads and geographical landmarks, but there's no satisfaction of an exact match.

Let me illustrate - where's my Tablet PC?
What a map might show as this:

You see as this:

Ok, work with me here, I'm not claiming any artistic talent, but you get the idea... But what if it were possible? Brilliant, huh?

Yeah, I thought so too. Unfortunately, someone has beaten me to it. Go here and run your mouse along the path of dots.

Hey chocolate lovers...

My friends at The Cocoa Tree made it to Newsweek's society page.

Happy Birthday, Yahoo!

To celebrate their (its?) 10th birthday, Yahoo! is giving away free ice cream.