Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Aww, isn't that... gross?

These pictures are the exact reason why I refuse to participate in potluck lunches at work. Call me picky, but cat hair dressing doesn't sound good to me.

It looks like I'm thankful for food...

Wow. If I weren't such a lazy slob, I could have written a daily "how I'm spending my holiday weekend" post. Instead, you get the condensed "how I spent 4 days" bulleted list.

Lucky you.

(Cliffs Notes version: I didn't do anything really, other than eat.)

Thursday AM:
Spent the morning on the couch, keeping TiVo company.
Call from my brother determines Spongebob Squarepants is a member of the contraceptive sponge family, as he lives in Bikini Bottom (trust me, if you had heard the entire conversation, you'd laugh).

Thursday PM:
Drive to Spring Hill for Thanksgiving.
Pack up leftovers.
Home to watch Finding Nemo. Wonder why we're watching a movie on tv when we own the DVD.

Friday AM:
Spend the entire morning with my favorite 7 year old.
Attempt to go to breakfast, only to find they have the audacity to give their employees an extra day off. Settle for bagels.
Spa time.

Friday PM:
Pull out Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch.
Dinner with out of town family before they head home.

Finally get breakfast at Puffy Muffin (they're open!).
Another leftover lunch (yum).
Spend an hour on the Greenway.
Attempt to find somewhere (other than here) to watch the game. Find one place way out of the way. Get there to find they don't have it after all.

Finish leftovers (well, decide if it ain't gone by now, it's time to say goodbye).
Hit the grocery store now that there's room in the fridge and make a big pot of chili.

By Sunday, I was really getting restless, which means I actually was able to relax over the long weekend, instead of feeling like I ran around like a crazy woman and need an extra few days off work to recover.

Guess I can't complain.

Monday, November 28, 2005

It's a great day to be a duck

I just wanted to give a fond "thank you" to B & E Irrigation for choosing today (a blustery one) at 11:00 (when I'm leaving work dressed from head to toe in silk) to blow out all of the water from the sprinkler system in preparation for the cold winter weather.

Although, I have to admit, the buckets of rain that were falling by noon quickly eliminated any trace of the water stains left by the sprinklers.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Turkey Day Eve!

Although, I don't plan on eating turkey, either.

One of the great things about working the day before Thanksgiving at my office is that a lot of people stay home, and it's a great opportunity to get things done without constant interruption.

That is, back in the old days when I actually worked in my department, not stuck in the corner on another floor.

Seems the department right next to me has nothing to do but socialize today. And they must want everyone in the building to know it.

So, while I sit here and try to block out their constant chatter, trying to get those last three things crossed off my list, I'll just look forward to the next four work-free days.

Considering one of those three things is filing an expense report from last month's trip to San Diego, I think I need to get cracking.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Just don't leave out the pumpkin pie...

I've seen this post on 5 awful Thanksgiving side dishes referenced on quite a few blogs lately. I have to admit that even though the day is almost here, I'm still in denial that it's time for Thanksgiving dinner already. But since I have a personal connection to each of these items, I can't help but offer my spin...

1. Green Bean Casserole - Take a can of beans, add a can of soup, bake, and top with fried onions. I fail to see the attraction. I am thrilled to say that this side dish has successfully stayed off of my family's Thanksgiving table. That is, until my brother got married and his sweet bride offered to bring it. It's ok - I just don't eat it.

2. Candied Yams - Like the author of the original post, I am a big fan of sweet potatoes. Keep that canned, marshmallow-covered, baked baby-food looking stuff away from me.

3. Stovetop Stuffing - Ouch. This gets personal. Let's just leave it at this: (A) My father was employed as a food chemist by General Foods. One of his first assignments was to create a dressing that could be prepared on the stove top, not baked. (B) I have not had any communication with my father in over a year and I plan on keeping things that way. (C) I am very happy to say Stove Top will never be a part of my Thanksgiving dinner again.

4. Cranberry Gelatin Mold - The canned stuff is good on cold turkey and dressing sandwiches. That's only because the homemade stuff is far better and there's none left by the time it's sandwich time.

5. I don't think I have a fifth item to add. Do you?

Go 'Dores!

As a former Vanderbilt football season ticket holder, I have to say "woo-hoo!".

Friday, November 18, 2005

So how's your momma and them been?

Seriously... What 'cha been up to for the past two months?


I'm still hooked on Lost. Although this week's "extended" episode was a pathetic attempt to keep us waiting a week to see who kicks Ana Lucia's ass first.

That extra trash can is still hanging out on the back patio. Although I have to admit I gave up trying after two weeks.

I'm still married. So whoever selected "less than two months" in the pool is out. :)

And (most importantly), it's time for NCAA basketball, bay-bee! IU's not only ranked (and probably without DJ for the rest of the calendar year), but their first televised game is this evening. Get to a bar with satellite and cheer them on.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Oh no it is NOT "just water"

So, one of the things I've been keeping myself entertained with since I got married and abandoned my blog is Scott Adam's blog. You may (or may not) know Scott as the creator of Dilbert.

Speaking of Dilbert, Wednesday's comic hit extremely close to home.

Oh - and if you're a Dilbert fan and use an aggregator (or have your own my Yahoo or Personalized Google Home Page), here's the Dilbert RSS feed.

As I was saying...

Scott Adams has a blog. And, unlike most celebrity blogs (I was going to link each of the preceeding four words to poor excuses for celebrity blogs, but we all can fill in those blanks ourselves, can't we?), his really IS a blog. And it's fun to read.

I can definitely relate to his post about buying bottled water, as I am not only a bottled water consumer, it has to be spring water (AND like Scott's, my cat gets bottled water too). None of the filtered Atlanta tap water for us...

And yes, I'm back. But you knew I'd be back, didn't you?