Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Injury report

Since the move, I've whacked the hell outta:

the rear view mirror on the garage door frame: (2)
both of my thumbs on my new apple slicer (ouch!): (1)
my head on the cabinets in the laundry room (mud room?): (1)
my head going down the stairs to the basement: (0)
either of my shins on a half-unpacked box: (27)
my hips on doorknobs: (3)
my car door on the stone wall: (1)


lindasis said...

Like a new move is 'unique' to you just being a natural clutz! Nice excuse - the move - to why you keep running into things, but history begs to say it's a common outcome.

Who ya trying to fool??

Linda said...

I sincerely hope that as I get used to my new surroundings, I'll be running into fewer of them.

Muffy said...

oooh yeah. Car door on brick wall, done that a lot. Because Caruthers drives a wide-load tank so I have to park mine way over.

Come to thnk of it, HE whacked my passenger side door on the wall not me.


Those slippers look COMFY