Thursday, January 12, 2006

It just wasn't my night

Last night's loss hurt. The only positive spin I can put on it is that every loss this year is one step closer to getting rid of Davis.

During halftime of the game, I decided I was hungry and couldn't wait for dinner to finish or for my hubby to get home from the Y. Instead, I decided it was a Fruity Pebbles kind of night for me (who knew that 0g of fiber is 1% of the RDA?).

That is, until I opened the (new) box, set it on the counter, and proceeded to knock it to the floor, spilling out half the contents.

No problem, right? Grab the dirt devil out of the closet and zap up the spill.

...except the spilled cereal would require me to empty the dirt devil at least 5 times to get it all.

So, downstairs where the real vacuum (and the only carpeted rooms in the house) live. Halfway up the stairs, remember that I took the bag out the last time I used it and have yet to replace it. Back downstairs to find the (yet to be unpacked) box of cleaning stuff that contains the new vacuum bags. Back upstairs to clean up the mess. Too tired and frustrated to take the vacuum back downstairs, decide it looks great next to the refrigerator.

Decide Fruity Pebbles DON'T sound that good after all and grab leftovers from the night before and throw in the microwave so I can get back to the game before halftime is over.

While I was busy screaming at the television and pouring cereal on the floor, TiVo was hard at work recording not one but two episodes of Lost.

Well, not really two.

I have to say it was a good wrap- up of the first season and a half. Although we had a good wrap-up of the first season just a few months ago, and there hasn't been a whole lot that has happened since.

Maybe now that we're all caught up, something can happen next week.

Anything better than last night.


dp said...

GO STATE! Love my Spartans...

Linda said...

I can see why - I thoroughly enjoyed watching them in the first half (when we were still in the game)!

Dean said...

Have you marked February 4 down on your calendar? You should probably stay away from your television. That's when the Connecticut Huskies are going to roll through Assembly Hall and embarass your little basketball program.

(Is it bad form to trash talk on someone else's blog?)

Linda said...

If it will help get rid of Davis, I'm all for it (although I have to say, I have been enjoying the fact that we've actually been ranked this year...).

Trash talk is fine with me, as long as you can take it too...

Cole said...

Fruity Pebbles RULE!! My all time fave...