Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Maybe he needs a puppy...

Our cat (we'll call him "Bubba", since that's what we call him) has apparently made a New Year's resolution.

What would that be, to sleep more, eat more, make the litter box fill up more?

Not possible.

No, our little Bubba has decided that he needs to quit holding back his feelings and show the world (well, the world that exists inside our house) his true feelings.

The little man is in love. With me.

When I first met my husband (and subsequently, his cat) he was insistent that the two of us get along. He always reminded me to pet the little guy, and in turn urged the cat to bond with me.

It worked.

He's now like a little boy with a crush. He follows me around the house (even when I tell him I'm just getting up to grab some water and will be right back). When I wake up, he's lying by my side (well, more like next to my head on my pillow). When I get home, he jumps off the bed and runs to greet me, or at least, he'll wake up and walk to the edge of the bed so it's easier for me to pet him.

Yesterday, though, was a first.

He kissed me.

We were lying down, watching tv, he at my hip. I was absent-mindedly patting his little head. Then, I felt it.

A little kiss on my hand. Not a nibble or a scratchy-tongued lick, but a kiss.

Now the little weirdo's getting out of control. Since he braved his initial show of affection, he's managed to get in at least half a dozen more. My husband is starting to get a complex, and is threatening to rough up the little guy.

I think (hope) this is just a phase, triggered by our move. The poor guy moved in the night before we did and was not happy to spend that first night alone in an empty house. Now that he's realized we've all moved with him, along with his food bowl, little blue bed, favorite blanket, and padded window platform, he's overjoyed.

Either that, or he's a big freak... Anyone know of a good cat therapist?

Sorry, Bubba...


Lindasis said...

This just goes to show you're not wuite sure what you want (nicer way of saying you're never content). The other week you complained that when you went home in the afternoon and layed on the couch the cat would stay upstairs alone instead of laying with you. Now he's laying with you and you want some space....poor little guy!!

Linda said...

Yeah - that was Friday when he was still pissed at us for the move. I expected him to get back to normal, not turn into a stalker...

Muffy Wong said...

I'm a HUGE believer in this stuff. But I'm not sure if it will work on an already calm, very smitten kitty.

BBLogan said...

Me thinks Bubba needs a girlfriend of the cat persuasion.

Anonymous said...

For a woman who just moved, you seem to be spending a lot of time lying around with the cat, lazybones! Or, have you already unpacked everything?

Linda said...

There will be no girlfriends of the four-legged type any time soon (maybe this summer)! And thankfully, he doesn't have any other bad habits.

And no, we're nowhere NEAR being unpacked, but my doctor has told me I have to find a few hours to lie down every day. Those are the type of doctor's orders that are too good to pass up!

Not really - I'd much rather unpack and get the house set up, THEN take the time to relax, but I don't have a choice...