Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So if I just break things off with him completely I never cheated, right?

It's time for me to get a haircut.

I found a split end over the weekend and I realized I've put this off far too long.

When I first moved to Tennessee, I actually drove to Indiana every six weeks to get my hair cut and colored (I was big into the auburn thing for a while).

Eventually, I decided to go with my natural hair color and the inter-state haircut trips were spaced further and further apart, and then I started the "walk into any random salon and see if anyone can fit me in" routine.

And I never was happy with my hair.

Then, I found Michael.

He's good. He's cheap. I like his work.

I last called him in early May of last year, just a few days before I headed to New Orleans for a girls' trip.

He didn't have an opening during either of the two time slots that worked for me, and I ended up getting my 'do done in the Big Easy.

I think I last went to Michael in October or November of '04.

I obviously don't get my hair cut very often.

Now that I've moved away from my old stomping grounds, I'm wondering if it's worth it to drive to Brentwood and fight traffic on Franklin Road to listen to him whine about my infidelity just to get a haircut, or if I should just choose some random salon nearby and get a few inches whacked off.

It's only hair right?

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Lindasis said...

Find someone new that you like and keep regular appointments with them. If you didn't go to Michael that often you must not have liked him all that well anyway. Even when growing your hair out it's healthiest for it to be trimmed regularly. But then again I've been preaching this to you forever!