Friday, February 10, 2006

Benefits? You'd work with me, what else do you want???

In the past two months, I have attended more work-related going-away lunches and retirement receptions than is usual for an entire year. Yesterday was the retirement reception for our CEO/President, which is probably one piece of the "why are so many people leaving" puzzle. Actually, it's two pieces, but I don't need to get into that here.

When I started working here, there were a handful of people in my department who were hitting the 5 year "Woo-hoo I'm vested!" mark. I thought it was a great accomplishment for them. I also thought it spoke pretty highly of this place I call work.

I never thought I'd get there, but I did - almost six months ago (And I don't care what you say about that pension. Free money is free money, even if it only pays for a couple bottles of wine a month in 2036).

There is a lot of chatter upstairs (and by "upstairs", I'm referring to the department that I used to be a physical part of...) about why so many people are leaving after being here "so long". Me? I'm still floored that so many people stay here so long.

I had a staff meeting this morning where we welcomed in a new employee (her predecessor just retired after being here more than a decade). Our fearless leader made us go around the room and introduce ourselves and tell the newbie about our jobs, how long we've been with the company, and anything that she might find of interest.

The only thing I found to be of interest (other than finding out that my boss was once an air traffic controller) was that everyone else in our group has been working here for no less than 4 1/2 years. I was third (well, fourth now) in terms of being the new kid on the block.

Anyway, all I'm saying is if you have to work, this place ain't a bad one at which to do it.

That said, if any of you are or know of anyone qualified to do the following, let me know, & I'll send the full job descriptions and requirements. I may even share the finder's fee. :)

Technical Support Specialist (hardware/software support)
Systems & Network Manager (data center and network configuration & support)
Project Manager
Cisco Administrator
We're also looking for a part time (contracted) VMS guy (perfect if you're self-employed or willing to do weekend/evening work).


Smed said...

The entire staff I manage has been at the College longer than I have, and I started working there in August of 2000. There is something to be said for stability.

Chez Bez said...

Maybe this is just because I didn't go to college, but all of those jobs and job descriptions sound made up.

If I ever write a movie that takes place in an office, I'll certainly utilize those made up jobs to sound all clever and high tech.

Mike, the Systems & Network Manager of


Linda said...


Thanks for giving me a good laugh on such a dreary day! Unfortunately, in my world, those jobs are very real...