Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's about time

Time to move forward: Davis steps down as Indiana coach

Excuse me while I do a happy dance.



Smed said...

It was destined to end this way. For one, I thought a lot of the flack against Davis was racially based (perhaps I'm sensitive based on my children - and I know from whence I come) - however, when the scholarship players were outworked by Tapak, Johnson and Suhr regularly you knew something was up. He could probably coach up a good team in the OVC or Southland, but not in the Big 10.

That being said, I don't want to get the Kool Aid brigade for Alford. Having seen Alford as coach of Manchester up close and personal, and know that his Iowa career has also been fraught with issues (they were ready to run him out last season), he may not be the right choice. He probably peaked at SMS back in the day.

Linda said...

I (along with most of the IU fans I know) have been anti-Davis for years, and let me tell you, race has absolutely nothing to do with any of our feelings.

And, as for Alford, I'd have to say "no thank you". I'd hate to think that I'm going to have to continue to support a team whose coach I do not.

Smed said...

Some of the flack around these here parts (BFE Indiana, even Zionsville) were tinged with it - however - I didn't mean to allude that it was all due to that. However, amongst some people I was acquainted with it was a *wink wink* type of deal with him. It was an undercurrent amongst some - and perhaps that tainted me a bit. But those fans were in the minority, I'm sure.

I tried to give him a fair chance, but he was way over his head.

Smed said...

As far as other candidates, Keith Smart has coaching experience in the NBA (with the Cavs when they were wretched) and has good reviews as an NBA assistant. Mike Woodson is doing a decent job with the egregious Hawks. If they must go to an IU alum - those may be the choices. Dakich and Crews spit the bit a long time ago with their descents into mediocrity.

Linda said...

One of my "inside" connections is saying Dakitch or Rick Majerus. I think it's just wishful thinking on his part. Although, the whole Majerus/Rupp dynamic could be interesting.