Friday, February 24, 2006

Sara shares a secret

Sara Moulton shares the reason behind why Food Network has been replacing cooking shows with all that other crap.
...when the new president of the Food Network came in she wanted to make the network appeal to that new target demographic with young, entertaining shows - not cooking programs. The obvious disconnect here is the fact that the network is called the Food Network; cooking shows are a logical component of the programming.

I just think it's really sad when there are more cooking shows on the Travel Channel and PBS... but I'm glad they're out there somewhere.

Update: Bring back Sara

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Smed said...

PBS was always the home of great cookin' shows, though. Julia Child, the Cookin' Cajun, Yan, etc.

Add in Bob Ross painting with the fluffy little clouds, it was great fare to get rid of a Friday hangover in College! But, of course, it reminded you of good food and not what you had in the fraternity on Saturdays.