Monday, February 06, 2006

Spending the afternoon with an old friend

Due to the fact that where I used to have ankles, I now have tree trunks (well, after a few hours of being vertical I do), I've been on "partial bed rest" since December.

I'm not complaining, as it's really not a bad gig: head home from work between 11:00 and 12:00, grab lunch, finish reading the morning paper, then head to bed for a few hours. Get up and head back to the office to finish out the last couple hours of the day.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get motivated to get up, get dressed, and go back to work at 3:00?

While I'm on down time, my Tablet PC, our wireless network, and my company's VPN let me keep in touch with work and be productive, and the TV is there to keep me company (as if the cat isn't enough). Unfortunately, I've found that daytime television is not the sort of company I like to keep.

While I already know the solution to this problem, our TiVo lives downstairs, and even though it's wired into the network, there's still not a way for me to tap into it from the bedroom TV or the Tablet (yet). Getting a second one isn't an option right now, and moving the existing one is out of the question (although moving the bed downstairs could work...).

We do have a DVD player in our room, and although I've sworn that sometime soon I'm going to grab a few DVDs from downstairs, that's yet to happen. And the thing with bed rest is, once you're in bed, you're not supposed to get out (well, unless nature calls). Running down and then back up a flight of stairs to grab Season 1 of the Muppet Show or MI5 is not acceptable.

So I flip through my "surf" list on the television and usually end up frustrated at Food Network for their lame daytime programming. Other than starting out with Sara's Secrets and finishing with Food 911 before it's time to get up and rejoin the world, I have a difficult time getting through the rest of the line up.

And my friends at HGTV, TLC, and Discovery don't do me much good, either. Even GSN lets me down. Don't get me wrong -- I can watch the Match Game all day long and try to figure out who (if anyone) on the panel is sober, but The Newlywed Game? Love Connection? Sometimes, there's something good on the Travel Channel, but I usually end up flipping to news.

But today, I had a pleasant surprise. I had already seen Sara's Nigerian dinner episode, and after exhausting the surf list, ended up on ABC where Martha was baking loaves of bread and listening to Barry Manilow talk about how Copacabana came about.

When I was younger, I had the biggest crush on Barry, and I've remained a fan to this day. I've seen him live twice - and although neither time did he select me to come up on stage while he sang "Can't Smile Without You", I've forgiven him (the one time I was actually singled out to go onstage at a concert was when Fishbone pulled me out of the crowd in college, and that didn't end well, as my date got jealous and left me at the student union alone, with my car keys in his coat pocket, and even though I lived close enough to walk home, my apartment keys were also in his pocket... I don't think I forgave HIM for a while).

Anyway, Barry rambled on about how Copa was written, then attempted small talk with Martha, where he failed miserably. He just seemed pathetic, and his toupee looked sad and I realized that he and I have reached the end of an era.

Cut to a commercial, and back to Barry performing a song from his 50's album and the minute he started singing, it was back to the way it used to be. He was plugging this album, and even though my song didn't make the cut, I may have to get it anyway...


lindasis said...

I meant to give you a heads up that he was on 'Dancing With the Stars' results show last Friday. I know you hate reality tv, but I thought you could have TIVO'd it to see him perform a couple of songs....Coba Cabana was one of them. Sorry I missed out on giving you the heads up...there was no small talk involved so the memories might not have been dashed as much.

Smed said...

Oh, you gotta have the TiVo upstairs. Did you not see the Suckling Pig battle on the Iron Chef? I actually couldn't let Katie watch that - she'd be horrified to see Piglet in a pot of boiling water.

Now, I used to watch GSN all the time, when they played Match Game, Family Feud and Lingo in Prime Time. Let's petition to get them back. Oh, and show more Gong Shows. Am I showing my age? Yikes.

Linda said...

I'm with you on the GSN shows, but I have to say the downstairs TiVo is far too important to catch Raven or Zach and Cody... Maybe I'll ask for a new TiVo for an early Mother's Day gift...