Friday, June 23, 2006

Before and after and after and after and after

Lillie before this whole cherry eye thing:

Lillie after the first cherry eye and before surgery:

Lillie after the first surgery and before the second cherry eye:

Lillie after the second cherry eye and before the second surgery:

Lillie after the second surgery:

All better!!!


lindasis said...

She looks so thrilled in each of these pictures.

(I know, it's hard to capture puppy personality on film!)

Lesley said...

All better!"

BBLogan said...

I hope you have pet insurance.

Linda said...

Yeah... so much for the "free" puppy!

Anonymous said...

My puppy just had his cherry eye surgery a week ago - but his third eyelid is really far out in the corner. Did your puppy have this? How long did it take for your puppy to recover fully?

THanks soooo much!

Linda said...

Lillie's eyes were back to normal immediately after her surgeries. Have you asked the vet about your puppy? If not, you may want to...

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda!
I just had to comment on your LillieS cherry eye operations. Our dog is also named Lillie, and also just had a cherry eye operation! I am really worried that her eye will not go back to normal. It has been only one day since the opr., but the lid is still very red and visible. It calmed me to see the lovely results your Lillie had. Hopefully our Lillie will heal just as nicely! Her check up is in two days, so hopefully I Will know more then! Thank you for blogging about this, and for the beatiful pictures!