Saturday, June 24, 2006

We're taking this act on the road

So Joe and I were out Saturday afternoon, having a late lunch, before getting ready for his 20th year high school reunion.

My mother was coming over to watch JJ, then leaving Sunday to go to Pennsylvania to visit her mother and other relatives and friends.

Joe asks why JJ and I aren't going with her. You know, since I'm not back at work yet, and she's driving and it would be a great (and maybe the only) chance for his great grandmothers and great (and great great) aunts and uncles to meet him.

So we call mom and we all decide why not...

I don't travel well in a car. Never have. Let's hope my son does better, because it's about 12 hours each way...

See you next week!


Laura Creekmore said...

I personally can vouch for the truth of this statement. You have many strengths and car travel need not be one of them.

I look forward to meeting the baby soon. Let's make a date!!

lindasis said...

I just learned on your experience in riding with my sister - I am so sorry! And as I think she mentioned - you should be sainted for that.

Enjoy the baby when you meet him. I met them for lunch today since she did have the nerve to take him away for an entire week....and then she even let him grow up during that time.