Tuesday, August 29, 2006

100 things

  1. I used to cry when school let out for the summer.
  2. I've been to New York once as an adult. I don't care to go back.
  3. I've never rollerbladed.
  4. I've always wanted to play the cello.
  5. I took the SAT in 6th grade.
  6. I prefer plain cheese pizza.
  7. I used to get so carsick as a child, they put me in the "way back" of the station wagon. As if riding backwards didn't compound the problem.
  8. I rarely listen to current music - and never "on purpose".
  9. I prefer my margaritas on the rocks, with salt.
  10. I've never played softball.
  11. I'm terrible at calling/writing/emailing friends and remembering birthdays.
  12. I make a mean bloody mary. Once a year at my Mom's New Year's Day brunch.
  13. I am one of the worst singers in the world.
  14. I really don't care for chocolate.
  15. I won the botany award in high school, but I could not keep a house plant alive for more than a few months if my life depended upon it.
  16. Coke. Never Pepsi. I'd rather drink water. Or lemonade.
  17. A lot of people think I'm stuck up or mean, but I'm really just slow to warm up to people.
  18. l get choked up when I hear the national anthem performed live.
  19. Horror movies give me nightmares.
  20. My favorite breakfast at IHOP is Cheese Blintzes with a side of extra crispy bacon.
  21. I am terrified of driving on the interstate.
  22. I've never been arrested.
  23. I think I might win the lottery someday. Someone has to. I'm not banking on it, though.
  24. I take my coffee black.
  25. I hate surprises.
  26. I can't stand light beer.
  27. I was a paste eater.
  28. I was president of the student council in junior high.
  29. I was born in Dover, Delaware.
  30. I get my hair cut maybe twice a year.
  31. I played clarinet in junior high. I wanted to play the trombone, but my arms were too short. That, and mom found a cheap clarinet in the classified ads.
  32. My favorite part of elementary school was arts and crafts.
  33. I've never seen the Grand Canyon. Not even from a plane. I always seem to be on the wrong side.
  34. My father invented stove top stuffing. We used to have to eat it for Thanksgiving. It sucked.
  35. I never stayed in the hospital overnight until JJ was born. Then we were there 4 nights.
  36. I'm the biggest lurker in the world.
  37. I can't stand those really big-holed ear piercings (do they have a name)?
  38. I went to IU (partially) because I was a basketball fan; I didn't become a fan as a result of going to school there.
  39. I love watching fireworks.
  40. I tried to go snorkeling once, in Belize, and had a panic attack. I've never been snorkeling or had a panic attack since. If you need a "gently used" snorkel set, let me know.
  41. I can't stand reality television.
  42. I'm a middle child.
  43. I once replaced the muffler on my car by myself.
  44. I have a tattoo of a bluebird on my stomach. No, it didn't get all distorted when I was pregnant.
  45. My birthday often falls over Memorial Day weekend. May 24th - write it down.
  46. I don't like ranch dressing. I hate it when people say, "But everyone likes ranch!".
  47. I used to want to "retire" at the age of 45 and open a restaurant. Now I just want to be a mom.
  48. One of my favorite memories from childhood was going to my aunt and uncle's house in Maryland. They would drop us off at the dock with frozen chicken necks and string and we would catch blue crabs and steam them for dinner.
  49. I have been in 5 weddings. 3 of them were my own.
  50. I've broken practically every one of my fingers (not at the same time).
  51. I will not eat crunchy peanut butter.
  52. I never spend my change.
  53. I don't find Steve Martin funny at all.
  54. I wish I had studied computer science in college.
  55. My parents didn't give me a middle name. I'll show you my birth certificate if you don't believe me.
  56. Speaking in front of a crowd doesn't phase me, but pull out a camera and watch me freak out.
  57. I won a trophy for my golfing skills once. I think I was 8.
  58. I cannot stand to have a fan blowing on me. Ceiling fan, window fan, car fan - they all suck.
  59. Just because you're in the elevator with me doesn't mean we have to talk.
  60. I've lived in a total of 16 houses/apartments.
  61. I won a contest in the first grade to name the PTO (PTA) newsletter: The PTO Report Card.
  62. I was disciplined once in school - I had to stand against the wall in the cafeteria because I was talking during announcements at lunch, but it wasn't my fault. I was trying to tell another girl to be quiet so she wouldn't get in trouble.
  63. I've never seen an episode of The Waltons or Little House on the Prairie. We watched The Dukes of Hazzard in our house.
  64. I wouldn't mind wearing dresses every day. Except for the shaving my legs thing...
  65. I watch Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and think to myself how stupid the contestants are.
  66. I feel sorry for our puppy, because she only got to be the baby of the family for a few weeks.
  67. I am horrible at remembering names. Doesn't matter if you're my neighbor or a movie star.
  68. I love making "to do" lists and crossing off each item as I finish it.
  69. I hate yard work. If I could get away with paving our yard and flowerbeds, I would.
  70. I hardly ever change my jewelry or purse. I'm just not into accessorizing.
  71. I grew up taking lessons: piano, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, horseback riding, skating, golf…
  72. I have never kissed a girl.
  73. I went snow skiing on my first date. I broke my arm. I didn't tell my date I broke my arm.
  74. I was the only kid on the family to have braces - and the first of two to get glasses.
  75. My favorite teacher ever was Miss Olley in the second grade.
  76. It upset me when that woman on Romper Room never called my name.
  77. I really need to get my brows waxed.
  78. I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast.
  79. I brush my teeth with hot water, not cold.
  80. I spent an entire semester in high school eating lunch alone in the gym.
  81. The only perfume I wear is "Happy" by Clinique.
  82. I had grey hair in the first grade. I was a stressed out little girl
  83. The best skittles are the green ones. Then orange, red and yellow. I throw the purple ones out the car window.
  84. The glass is always full. Not because I'm an optimist, but because I'm a scientist. To be empty requires a vacuum and you can't have a vacuum in an open-ended vessel.
  85. I'm very stubborn and impatient.
  86. I get really bad reactions to mosquito bites.
  87. I lived in Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey, and Indiana before I moved to Tennessee.
  88. I can never keep up with fashion trends - and don't try to.
  89. I played intramural football and euchre in college.
  90. I refuse to watch a movie I haven't seen unless it's at the VERY beginning. Please don't try to "catch me up" on the first 10 minutes.
  91. I find small talk incredibly tedious.
  92. I used to sleepwalk as a child.
  93. I can watch my son sleep for hours at a time. I can and I do.
  94. My favorite children's movie is Monsters, Inc.
  95. I've returned to several of my childhood homes/neighborhoods and they're all depressing.
  96. I clip coupons and match them to the sales ads.
  97. As a child, I would sit in the yard and hope a cloud would land on the grass next to me so I could go for a ride.
  98. The second album I owned was the soundtrack from Sunshine. John Denver is awesome.
  99. Although I'm a big college basketball fan, I don't watch the NBA.
  100. I wear nothing on my feet but sandals from April through September.


Susan said...

You should rename your blog this:

I find small talk incredibly tedious.

Lindasis said...

Not surprisingly - we are opposites on quite a few things...like stop throwing out the purple skittles they are my favorite! Oh wait, the personal trainer will make them off limits.

Amazingly - a few things we are the same on. Don't tell JJ we lied to him about being 'total' opposites!

Anonymous said...

"I spent an entire semester in high school eating lunch alone in the gym."

Maybe that's related to:

Just because you're in the elevator with me doesn't mean we have to talk.


I'm very stubborn and impatient.


I find small talk incredibly tedious.


lcreekmo said...

This is a great list. I am so intimidated from doing a 100 things list because I keep reading such great ones.h

Linda said...

I have to confess, this list has been in draft form for over 2 years... I kept adding, taking away, elaborating, resorting, deleting. Mostly deleting.

I finally got to 100 yesterday. :)